Where can I find Indian paintings online?


Where can I find Indian paintings online?

11 Best Websites to Buy Indian Paintings Online

  • Fizdi. Fizdi is bliss for art lovers.
  • Artsera. Artsera is the second site on our list which has an exquisite range of artworks sourced from reputed and famous artists.
  • You. Art.
  • ArtZolo.
  • MyIndianArt.
  • BestOfBharat.
  • Saatchi Art.
  • IndiGalleria.

Which is the most popular painting in India?

12 most famous paintings of India by the artistic legends we are…

  • Bharat Mata by Abanindranath Tagore.
  • Self-portrait by Amrita Sher-Gil.
  • Three Pujarins by Jamini Roy.
  • Shakuntala by Raja Ravi Verma.
  • Days of Glory by Satish Gujral.
  • Mahishasura by Tyeb Mehta.
  • Self-portrait by Rabindranath Tagore.
  • Bapuji by Nandalal Bose.

What are the famous artwork made in India?

12 Famous Masterpieces of Art Every Indian Should Recognise

  • Self Portrait – Amrita Sher-Gil.
  • Bharat Mata – Abanindranath Tagore. Photo Source.
  • Shakuntala – Raja Ravi Verma. Photo Source.
  • Bapuji – Nandlal Bose.
  • Mahishasura – Tyeb Mehta.
  • Self-Portrait – Rabindranath Tagore.
  • Three Pujarins – Jamini Roy.
  • Horses – M F Husain.

Is India famous for art?

Indian art has a rich and complex history spanning thousands of years. However, the artists of ancient India, who created magnificent works like the murals in the caves of Ajanta and Ellora, are not known by name.

How do I sell my art?

To boost your art business, check out these nine worthwhile ways to cut galleries out of the equation and make a successful living:

  1. Social Media.
  2. Art Fairs.
  3. Artwork Archive.
  4. Custom Website.
  5. Newsletter.
  6. Retailers.
  7. Interior Designers.
  8. Licensing and Merchandising.

What type of art is India known for?

The Kalamkari art influenced the creation of the Cheriyal scrolls. The scrolls are generally 40–45 feet in length, and the themes are mainly centred on Indian mythology and folk traditions. These types of paintings are made with bright hues, with red as a dominating background.

How many types of Indian art are there?

India is home to over 50 traditional folk and tribal arts. These Indian folk arts have been passed down from generation to generation for more than 3000 years.

Is art popular in India?

Since pre-historic periods, art has always been an invaluable representation of the Indian subcontinent. The most well-known art forms in India mainly involve paintings, music, sculpting and literature works. The impact of the arts of India on the rest of the world is truly astounding.

Where can I sell my paintings in India?

So, let’s look into some of the best websites to sell your artwork.

  • Etsy. Etsy is one of the most popular websites where you can sell your artwork.
  • Amazon. Amazon is the best marketplace to sell your artwork.
  • eBay.
  • Saatchi Art.
  • Fizdi.
  • Society6.
  • Mojarto.