When did Grampian TV stop?


When did Grampian TV stop?

The name Grampian Television was retired in 2006 and the channel is now known as STV on-air….Grampian Television.

Owner STV Group plc
Dissolved lost on-air identity on 30 May 2006 (now known as STV at all times)
Former names Grampian Television (1961–2006)
Picture format 1080i HDTV, downscaled to 16:9 576i for SDTV
Affiliation(s) ITV

Who is Kelly Ann Woodland married to?

Stuart Woodland

Kelly Ann Woodland
Born Kelly-Ann Bishop
Spouse(s) Stuart Woodland
Show STV News (Central)

Who is Sally Magnusson husband?

Norman StoneSally Magnusson / Husband

Where is Grampian Scotland?

Grampian is located on Scotland’s north-east coast, making it an ideal place for spotting dolphins. As well as seaside towns and mountains, there are beautiful stretches of parkland to explore.

Who presents Reporting Scotland?

Laura Miller
Miller is the main presenter of Reporting Scotland and is also a presenter on The Nine….Laura Miller (journalist)

Laura Miller
Nationality Scottish
Education Kilsyth Academy University of Glasgow University College Falmouth
Occupation Broadcaster, Journalist

Who presents STV news?

STV News
Presented by Central edition: John MacKay Kelly Ann Woodland North edition: Norman MacLeod Andrea Brymer
Theme music composer Paul Leonard-Morgan
Country of origin Scotland
Original language English

Where is Sally Magnusson now?

After living in the south-east of England for many years, she returned to Scotland in the mid-90s and now lives in the countryside north of Glasgow with her husband Norman and whichever of their children currently requires a roof.

Why is it called Grampian?

Grampian Mountains, mountains in the Highlands of Scotland. They derive their name from the Mons Graupius of the Roman historian Tacitus, the undetermined site of the battle in which the Roman general Agricola defeated the indigenous Picts (c. ad 84).

What does the word Grampian mean?

(ˈɡræmpɪən ) adjective. 1. of or relating to the area of Scotland occupied by the Grampian Mountains.

How many ITV regions were there?

Current regions The table below lists the current 14 regions and 23 sub-regions for ITV and its two associated channels, the timeshifted ITV +1 and the high-definition ITV HD.

Was Sophie Wallace miss Scotland?

Falkirk Herald columnist Sophie Wallace was voted runner-up in the 2017 Miss Scotland competition.

Who is Laura Goodwin?

Laura Goodwin is a BBC News anchor, host and presenter. She has been a broadcast journalist for over 15 years. Her career started at Moray Firth radio before moving to STV North in Aberdeen as a presenter and reporter.

What happened to Grampian TV?

Grampian went on the air on 30 September 1961. The company was bought out in 1997 by STV Group (the parent company of STV, the Channel 3 broadcaster in Central Scotland). The name Grampian Television was retired in 2006 and the channel is now known as STV on-air.

Is Grampian owned by ITV?

Grampian is owned and operated by STV Group plc (formerly SMG plc), which also owns another Scottish ITV franchise, Scottish Television (now known as STV Central on-air), based in Glasgow and serving Central Scotland.

What happened to Graham Roberts and Kate Matheson from Grampian?

Former Archers actor Graham Roberts announced for Grampian in the sixties he also announced at Yorkshire TV. Sadly Graham died in 2004. Kate Matheson was an actress and announced for Grampian in the sixties she was married to fellow actor and announcer Graham Roberts.

What happened to Princess Diana from Grampian TV?

Diana Presented the Grampian optout of the ITV Telethon in 1990 and 1992. She remained at the station until June 1998 when Grampian’s presentation department was closed and continuity was moved to STV in Glasgow. Diana now works for BBC Radio 4 as an announcer /newsreader.