What was the movie Atlantic City about?


What was the movie Atlantic City about?

When Sally Matthews (Susan Sarandon) leaves her Canadian home to relocate to Atlantic City, she aspires to a prosperous career in the gambling industry. With her criminal husband (Robert Joy) on her trail, however, it appears that she can’t escape from trouble, until she finds an unlikely savior in Lou Pascal (Burt Lancaster), an aging small-time mobster. By becoming involved with Sally, Lou finds a way to achieve the success he’s dreamed of, but his plan may endanger both their lives.Atlantic City / Film synopsis

Where was the movie Atlantic City filmed?

Atlantic City was filmed on location in and around Atlantic City and South Jersey, Philadelphia, and New York. Although filmed in the United States, the film was a co-production between companies based in France and Canada.

What year was Atlantic City movie made?

April 3, 1981 (USA)Atlantic City / Release date

Who directed the movie Atlantic City?

Louis MalleAtlantic City / DirectorLouis Marie Malle was a French film director, screenwriter, and producer. His film Le Monde du silence won the Palme d’Or in 1956 and the Academy Award for Best Documentary in 1957, although he was not credited at the ceremony; the award was instead presented to the film’s co-director Jacques Cousteau. Wikipedia

How does Atlantic City compared to Las Vegas?

Atlantic City is a vibrant area with wonderful casinos, dining, and shopping. However, Las Vegas has an atmosphere that can’t be matched anywhere on the planet. Many first-time visitors to Atlantic City suffer from an initial disappointment because they’re expecting the overwhelming extravagance of Las Vegas.

What casino is Snake Eyes in?

Last summer, the Taj’s arena and casino figured prominently in Brian DePalma’s action film ”Snake Eyes. ” Nicolas Cage’s character, a casino security executive solving the murder of a United States Senator, even used the name of the casino’s vice president for security, Richard Santoro.

Why is it called Snake Eyes?

In gambling, snake eyes is the outcome of rolling the dice in a game and getting only one pip on each die. The pair of pips resembles a pair of eyes, which is appended to the term ‘snake’ because of the long-standing association of this word with treachery and betrayal.

Is it safe to walk at night in Atlantic City?

Stay on the boardwalk Though the city is generally safe during the day, you shouldn’t wander too far off the beaten path, especially after dark. Avoid walking behind the casinos and on the beach at night.