What was Jedediah Smith known for?


What was Jedediah Smith known for?

Jedediah Smith, in full Jedediah Strong Smith, (born January 6, 1799, Bainbridge, New York, U.S.—died May 27, 1831, near the Cimarron River), trader and explorer who was the first American to enter California from the east and return from it using an overland route.

Why is Jedediah Smith a hero?

Jedediah Smith’s explorations were significant in opening the American West and included several “firsts,” such as being the first white man to cross what would become the states of Utah and Nevada, the first to enter California by the overland route, the first to scale the High Sierras, and the first explorer to reach …

What are two things Jedediah Smith accomplished?

Jedediah Smith’s accomplishments during his short nine years in the fur trade and trapping business certainly earned him an uppermost rank as explorer in this period of United States history. He led the first overland party from the east to California. He was the first to cross the Sierra Nevada Mountains going east.

What is Jedediah Smith’s middle name?

Jedediah Strong Smith

Jedediah Smith
Born Jedediah Strong Smith January 6, 1799 Jericho, Tioga County, New York, present-day Bainbridge, Chenango County, New York
Died May 27, 1831 (aged 32) Northern Mexico Territory, south of present-day Ulysses, Grant County, Kansas
Cause of death Attacked by Native Americans
Nationality American

Who discovered the South Pass?

Louis safely on April 30, 1813. The seven white men who “discovered” South Pass were Robert Stuart, Ramsay Crooks, Benjamin Jones, François LeClerc, Robert McClellan, Joseph Miller and André Vallé.

How was Jedediah killed?

On May 27, 1831, Smith was riding alone when a hunting party of Comanche Native Americans attacked and killed him.

Was a mountain man who opened up the west with the discovery of the South Pass in the Rockies *?

Did you know that a 19th-century Irish trapper and mountain man helped emigrants reach the west coast of America in the 1800s by discovering South Pass in Wyoming? Thomas Fitzpatrick, who was born in Cavan in 1799, moved to the United States as a teenager and joined the Rocky Mountain Fur Company shortly afterward.

Who is Jedediah?

In the Hebrew Bible, Jedidiah (Jeddedi in Brenton’s Septuagint Translation) was the second or “blessing” name given by God through the prophet Nathan in infancy to Solomon, second son of King David and Bathsheba.

Who found South Pass?

Where was Jed Smith born?

Bainbridge, NYJedediah Smith / Place of birth
Jedediah Strong Smith, one of America’s greatest trapper-explorers, is born in Bainbridge, New York. Smith explored a stunningly large area of the American West during his short life. He began his western voyages in 1822, when he joined the pioneering fur trader William Ashley on a trip up the Missouri River.

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Where is South Pass?

South Pass – Fremont County, Wyoming South Pass was perhaps the most important landmark along the emigrant trails. It marked the end of the long ascent to the Continental Divide and the emigrants’ arrival at the frontier of the Oregon country.