What type of pottery did Bernard Leach make?


What type of pottery did Bernard Leach make?

There Leach produced ceramics in the tradition of Asian pottery, especially raku. His numerous written works included the manual A Potter’s Book (1940) and the biographies Kenzan and His Tradition (1966) and Hamada, Potter (1975).

What is Mingei Pottery?

The word mingei, meaning art of the people, was coined by a revered Japanese philosopher named Sōetsu Yanagi. As a young man living in Korea in the early 1920s, he was taken with the timeless beauty of Yi dynasty (1392-1910) pottery—a simple, rustic type made in numberless quantities over the centuries.

What is Mingei movement?

The Mingei Movement focuses on the overlooked beauty of art and crafts made by average people that are practical and used in daily life. Meiji period fireman’s coat. The Mingei Movement challenged society’s narrow definition of art.

When was Leach Pottery founded?

History of the Leach Pottery Founded in 1920 by Bernard Leach and Shoji Hamada, the Leach Pottery, St Ives, is among the most respected and influential potteries in the world. Over the last hundred years it has forged the shape of Studio Pottery in the UK and beyond.

Who is Bernard Leach?

One of the great figures of 20th century art, Bernard Leach played a crucial pioneering role in creating an identity for artist potters across the world. Bernard Howell Leach was in born Hong Kong on January 5th 1887.

What inspired Leach to become a potter?

Born in Hong Kong where he remained until the age of 10, Leach began his artistic training studying drawing at the Slade in London. In 1909 he travelled to Japan to work as an etcher, however an invite to a Raku party in 1911 introduced him to the art of ceramics craft, and he was inspired to pursue a career as a potter.

Who are some famous people who worked at Leach Pottery?

Many potters from all over the world were apprenticed at the Leach Pottery, and spread Leach’s style and beliefs. His British associates and trainees include Michael Cardew, Katherine Pleydell-Bouverie, David and Michael Leach (his sons), Janet Darnell (whom Leach married in 1956) and William Marshall.