What translation is the Good News Bible?


What translation is the Good News Bible?

Good News Bible (GNB), also called the Good News Translation (GNT) in the United States, is an English translation of the Bible by the American Bible Society….

Good News Bible
Full name Good News Bible
Other names Good News Translation, Today’s English Version
Abbreviation GNB (or GNT/TEV)
OT published 1976

Can I download the Good News Bible?

Good News Bible as a single book, it is actually a divine library bound in a single volume. Have a nice time learning the word of the Lord and reflecting with our APP. – User-friendly interface and quick access to books, chapters and verses. Download this App for FREE NOW …

Is the Good News Translation a good Bible?

This is a great Bible for someone new to the faith that might trip up over the archaic language of the KJV. While any thought for thought work like this, wouldn’t be my sole translation, this is still a really good buy.

How many words are in the Good News Bible?

New King James Bible : 770,430 words. The New International Bible (NIV): 727,969 words. English Standard Version (ESV): 757,439 words. New American Standard Bible (NASB): 782,815 words.

Is the Good News Bible a Catholic version?

The Good News Catholic Bible is an inclusive language and thought for thought translation. The language used is simple English.

What does red letter mean in the Bible?

Red letter edition bibles are those in which the Dominical words—those spoken by Jesus Christ, commonly only those spoken during his corporeal life on Earth—are printed rubricated, in red ink.

Is the Good News Bible a Catholic Bible?

A Good News Translation Bible that fully integrates the Deuterocanonical Books used by Roman Catholics within the Old Testament, sequenced according to the Latin Vulgate order.