What songs have Snow Patrol covered?


What songs have Snow Patrol covered?

Songs covered by Snow Patrol

Song Play Count
Cartwheels (The Reindeer Section cover) 9
One Day Like This (Elbow cover) 7
You Shook Me All Night Long (AC/DC cover) 7
Crazy in Love (Beyoncé cover) 6

Who covered Snow Patrol SONG?

Additionally, “Run” reached the Top 40 of Ireland, the Netherlands and the American Modern Rock Tracks. “Run” has been covered by multiple artists, including Leona Lewis, who released it as a single in November 2008….Run (Snow Patrol song)

Genre Britpop
Length 5:56 (album version) 4:16 (radio edit)
Label Fiction Polydor

Who covered Snow Patrol Run?

Leona Lewis
Gary Lightbody has revealed he won’t be raking in the royalties from Leona Lewis’ cover of his hit song Run. The Snow Patrol frontman said he thinks Leona did a good job with her version of his track, which reached No 1 in the UK charts, compared to Snow Patrol’s original which only reached No 5.

What is Snow Patrol’s most famous song?

“Chasing Cars” “Chasing Cars” is one of Snow Patrol’s most famous songs, from their 2006 album Eyes Open.

Is Snow Patrol Scottish?

Snow Patrol are a Scottish-Northern Irish rock band formed in 1994 in Dundee, Scotland. They consist of Gary Lightbody (vocals, guitar), Nathan Connolly (guitar, backing vocals), Paul Wilson (bass guitar, backing vocals), Jonny Quinn (drums), and Johnny McDaid (piano, guitar, backing vocals).

Is there a Snow Patrol greatest hits?

Greatest Hits is the first greatest hits album, and second compilation album, released by Scottish-Northern Irish alternative rock band Snow Patrol, through Polydor Records on 14 May 2013.

Why is the band called Snow Patrol?

In keeping with the icy theme, the band chose the name after a friend jokingly referred to them as the Snow Patrol whilst they were still called Polar Bear.

Is Snow Patrol Irish band?

Snow Patrol | Irish Rock n’ Roll Museum Experience. The Northern Irish rock band Snow Patrol was founded in 1994 originally playing indie rock tunes. Their path of international fame began with their 2002 album Final Straw which became 5 times platinum in the UK and sold 3 million copies worldwide.