What song did Britney Spears sing making her real debut?


What song did Britney Spears sing making her real debut?

What was Britney Spears’s first song? Britney Spears’s first song was “… Baby One More Time,” released in 1998. The song soon became the subject of controversy, for its lyrics as well as for its video, in which Spears appeared as a provocative schoolgirl.

What song did Britney wrote about Justin?

Jamie Lynn Spears Shares How Britney Spears Allegedly Reacted to Justin Timberlake’s ‘Cry Me a River’ | Entertainment Tonight.

Did Britney write any of her songs?

Spears co-wrote several songs, including her hits “Me Against the Music” and “Everytime.” Despite this, other songwriters wrote most of her hits. Responding to Gasparek’s question, Kesha defended Spears’ artistry.

What was Britney Spears first song called?

…Baby One More Time
“…Baby One More Time” is the debut single of American singer Britney Spears from her debut studio album of the same title (1999).

What does Cry Me a River mean?

(idiomatic, often sarcastic) To weep profusely or excessively in the presence of another person. quotations ▼ (idiomatic, usually sarcastic, by extension) To try to obtain the sympathy of another person by complaining or sniveling. quotations ▼

Who Was Cry Me a River wrote for?

Justin TimberlakeTimbalandScott Storch
Cry Me a River/Lyricists

What was Britney Spears first big hit?

… Baby One More Time.
Spears was just 16 years old when she made her debut on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart on Nov. 21, 1998 with the now classic “… Baby One More Time.” The song shot to No. 1 less than two months later and the rest was history.

Was Britney Cry Me a River about?

Timberlake’s “Cry Me a River” song and video were released in 2002, shortly after the couple’s split (and after she wore the cap). According to Entertainment Tonight, he finally admitted that the song was about Spears in 2011 after initially denying it.

Was Cry Me a River written about Britney?

Who originally sang the song Toxic?

Britney Spears
Toxic (song)

Label Jive
Songwriter(s) Cathy Dennis Christian Karlsson Pontus Winnberg Henrik Jonback
Producer(s) Bloodshy & Avant
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