What size is rb2132?


What size is rb2132?

The bridge measures 18 mm, and the arms are 145 mm for an easy, comfortable fit. MULTIPLE SIZE OPTIONS: Choose from a variety of size options including 52mm, 55mm or 58mm.

Do Ray Ban erikas come in different sizes?

Choosing the correct lens size is crucial to finding the best fit from the Ray-Bans you choose. While not all Ray-Ban sunglasses come in different sizes, all of them do have sizes that will fit differently.

How do you measure sunglasses frame size?

You can measure your frame dimensions with a millimeter ruler or cloth measuring tape.

  1. THE FRAME WIDTH. Measure horizontally across the entire front of the frame.
  2. THE LENS HEIGHT. Measure the lens vertically, at its tallest point.

What is the most popular Ray Ban Wayfarer size?

The most popular are the 50mm which is the classic size & shape. The 54mm is the largest in the RB 2140 style which is considered extra large.

How wide should my glasses be?

The width of your frames should not be wider than the width of your face at the temples. The top of your frames should be no higher than the line of your eyebrows. The lower edge of the frames shouldn’t sit on your cheeks otherwise they will start to rub against your skin and cause irritation.

Is 58MM big for sunglasses?

Once you have determined your size check out our selection of fine Made in the USA sunglasses….Suggested Frame Size Based On Your Measurements.

Suggested Frame Size: Inches: Millimeters:
Small: 4.5″ to 5.1″ 49mm to 54mm
Regular: 5.25″ to 5.5″ 55mm to 57mm
Large: 5.75″ to 6.25″ 58mm to 63mm

What size is 58MM?

Find your perfect sunglasses size in 2 easy steps:

Suggested Frame Size Face Size (temple to temple)
Small 49MM – 54MM 4.5″ – 5.1″
Regular 55MM – 57MM 5.25″ – 5.5″
Large 58MM – 63MM 5.75″ – 6.25″

What is frame width?

Width (Frame Width) is the horizontal with of the frame and is measured from the outmost side of the frame. Height (Frame Height) is the vertical height of the frame and is measured from the outmost side of the frame.

What frame width do I need?