What sheets are comparable to SHEEX?


What sheets are comparable to SHEEX?

Sol Organics Percale Organic Sheets (Full)

  • Brooklinen Linen Core Sheet Set (Queen)
  • Sheets & Giggles Eucalyptus Lyocell Sheet Set (Queen)
  • Sheex Arctic Aire Max Sheet Set (Queen)
  • Molecule Percale Performance Sheet Set (Queen)
  • BedVoyage Pure Bamboo Sheet Set (Queen)
  • Gokotta Bamboo Rayon Sheet Set (Queen)
  • What country are SHEEX made in?

    the United States
    SHEEX, Inc. is a bed linen company based in the United States.

    What are SHEEX original sheets made of?

    What material are the Sheex sheets made of? The Sheex sheets are made up of a combination of polyester (87%) and spandex (13%). The blend of these two materials make the sheets very stretchy and breathable.

    Who owns SHEEX?

    Michelle Marciniak
    As the co-founder and co-CEO of SHEEX, Inc., Michelle Marciniak has transferred her prodigious skills as an accomplished basketball point guard into the business world and carried her visionary ideas of cutting-edge bedding into a patent-pending innovative product: SHEEX Performance Sheets and the SHEEX Sleep System.

    Are SHEEX made of bamboo?

    SHEEX also offers the ECOSHEEX Bamboo collection, a water-absorbent set made with soft viscose from bamboo….SHEEX Sheet Review.

    Product Material Weave
    ECOSHEEX Bamboo 100% Viscose from Bamboo Sateen

    Where is Sheex located?

    New Jersey
    SHEEX® is a New Jersey-based company, featured in Bed Bath & Beyond, department stores, specialty stores, and mattress and furniture retailers in North America and is expanding to bring the SHEEX® brand and products worldwide.

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    Who is SHEEX sheets?

    It all began in the fall of 2007, where soon-to-be Sheex Sheets Founders, Michelle Marciniak and Susan Walvius, were coaching basketball at the University of South Carolina. Marciniak, being a fully-dedicated athlete, was wearing her favorite athletic gear made out of high-quality performance fabric.

    Who is the founder of SHEEX?

    SHEEX produces a collection of performance fabric bedding with moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating qualities. The two founders, college basketball coaches Michelle Brook-Marciniak and Susan Walvius, were inspired to create bedding with the same benefits of high performance activewear.

    What kind of duvet covers does SHEEX make?

    This Sheex duvet cover is part of their newest bedding collection, in which you can also get their Midnight Label Fitted Bedding Sheet, Flat Sheet, and Pillowcases . The Midnight Label Duvet Cover comes in full/queen or king size and is available in blue, gray, and white.

    Is SHEEX bedding any good?

    Some snagging issues. Verdict: Sheex promises temperature controlling, breathable bedding and they stay true to their words. The fabric used is a technical fabric made especially for sleep enhancement. It is perfect for hot sleepers as well as someone who wants longer sleeps. Looking for a Sheex Review?