What season of NCIS was in 2014?


What season of NCIS was in 2014?

twelfth season
The twelfth season of the police procedural drama NCIS premiered on September 23, 2014, in the same time slot as in the previous seasons, Tuesdays at 8 pm. This is the first season in which NCIS: Los Angeles did not air after NCIS.

How many versions of NCIS are there?

CBS has picked up all three series — flagship NCIS, long-running spinoff NCIS: Los Angeles and newcomer NCIS: Hawai’i — for next season. NCIS will hit its landmark 20th season in 2022-23, while Los Angeles will enter its 14th season and Hawai’i its second.

What season did Tony leave NCIS?

Michael Weatherly’s character, Tony DiNozzo, left to be with his daughter. Michael Weatherly left “NCIS” after Season 13, when his character found out that Ziva David had died and that he and David had a daughter, whom he went to be with in France (via CBR).

Who replaced Ziva?

NCIS fans first met Emily Wickersham’s Agent Eleanor Bishop during season 11. The character was introduced just a few episodes after the exit of fan-favorite Ziva David, played by Cote de Pablo.

What is the Best NCIS?

The 7 Best Episodes of ‘NCIS’

  • “Call Of Silence” – Season 2, Episode 7.
  • “SWAK” – Season 2, Episode 22.
  • “Truth Or Consequences” – Season 7, Episode 1.
  • “Family First” – Season 13, Episode 24.
  • “Keep Going” – Season 14, Episode 13.
  • “She” – Season 16, Episode 13.
  • “The Arizona” – Season 17, Episode 20.

Does Abby come back to NCIS after season 15?

Pauley Perrette – Abby Sciuto Asked by a fan whether she would return to the show in 2019, she tweeted: “NO I AM NOT COMING BACK! EVER!

When did Bishop leave NCIS?

Wickersham’s co-stars aren’t the only ones sad we won’t see any more of Ellie Bishop eating snacks while putting clues together. “NCIS” fans took to Twitter in droves to express their sadness at the Season 18 finale spelling the end of Ellick (that’s the shipper term for the romance between Ellie and Nick).

What is the most watched episode of NCIS?

“NCIS” Season 10, Episode 12 (“Shiva”) is the most watched episode of the entire series, with a total of 22.86 million live viewers on the night of its airing (via The Futon Critic).