What movement is in Oris Aquis?


What movement is in Oris Aquis?

Caliber 400 automatic movement
The Oris Aquis Date Caliber 400 is a steel dive watch with a case that measures 43.5 x 49 x 13mm. It is Oris’s first watch using their new Caliber 400 automatic movement which features a 5-day power reserve, anti-magnetic design, and automatic winding.

Is the Oris Aquis antimagnetic?

The Oris Aquis Date’s new automatic movement is antimagnetic, has a five-day power reserve and is aggressively priced.

How does Oris warranty work?

Oris Warranty Service Most Oris watches purchased through an Authorized Dealer come with a 2-year manufacturer’s service warranty, which can be extended for an additional year if registered on MyOris. Some specialized models featuring Oris’ in-house movements may have extended warranty periods.

Are Oris watches Antimagnetic?

Elevated resistance to magnetic fields To make it highly antimagnetic, Oris engineered Calibre 400 using more than 30 non-ferrous and anti-magnetic components, including a silicon escape wheel and a silicon anchor.

Is Oris owned by Rolex?

Which brand is more famous, Omega or Oris? This is an area where Omega reigns over Oris. Of all the Swiss-made watch brands, Omega is only second to Rolex when it comes to international brand recognition. Oris is a privately held company and is not owned by an international watch conglomerate like Omega watches.

What size Oris Aquis should I get?

The 36.5mm is geared more towards females, (of course guys can still wear it) and the 39.5m is your 40mm standard. This 41.5mm though, is a little odd, as it is only 2mm smaller than the 43.5mm that has been the main size for the Aquis for many years. That brings up the question, who is this size for? Oris Aquis Specifications: 41.5mm Case

What is the newest Oris Aquis watch?

Oris Aquis 41.5mm is the latest addition to the ever growing size range of this popular Swiss Made Dive Warch. Watch Reviews Watch News Brands Giveaways Disclaimer About Contact

How much does the Green Oris Aquis date cost?

The Green Oris Aquis Date has a MSRP of $2,200 at authorized dealers and can be purchased on the pre-owned market for around $1,500. Oris has done a great job fitting all the necessary specs of a dive watch into such an amazing package.