What kind of accident was Turtleman?


What kind of accident was Turtleman?

Ernie Brown Jr., known as “The Turtleman” to his television fans, posted a video Tuesday on Facebook from his hospital bed following an accident that left him with a broken arm. A tree limb fell 50 feet Tuesday and struck Ernie Brown Jr., better known as “The Turtleman,” and the TV personality was hospitalized.

Who is Turtleman’s wife?

Suzanne Brown (@suzanne. brown. turtlemansgirl) • Instagram photos and videos.

What’s Turtleman’s real name?

“Turtleman” (real name Ernie Brown Jr.) made his return to Animal Planet last night in two new episodes of Call of the Wildman.

Did Turtleman get hurt?

recovering after tree limb accident. (LEX 18) — Kentucky woodsman and TV personality Ernie Brown, Jr., better known as “The Turtleman,” is recovering after he was injured by a tree limb on Tuesday.

How did Turtleman lose his teeth?

He lost his teeth in some nasty accidents Aside from his giant knife, raccoon-tail cap, and wildman yelp, the Turtleman is also known for his dental deficiencies.

Is the Turtleman in the hospital?

James died in 2019 after suffering from cardiac issues at his home. Brown Jr. said he’s currently on pain medication and is expected to be okay. He thanked all his “Turtlefans” for their support. “I hope you love me as much as I love you all,” he said.

Who is Turtle Girl on turtleman?

Ernie is married to his longtime accomplice, Suzanne, who calls herself “Turtleman’s Girl” on her Instagram. He is known as a charitable figure and has done meet-and-greets at Children’s museums, including one appearance where he sold 750 tickets.

Did turtle man get in a accident?

recovering after tree limb accident. LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) – Kentucky woodsman and star of Animal Planet’s “Call of the Wildman” TV program, Ernie “Turtleman” Brown, Jr., is recovering in the hospital after a tree limb accident on Tuesday.

Why did turtle man get Cancelled?

An investigation effectively canceled the show Citing multiple examples of alleged animal mismanagement, Mother Jones suggests the production team was complicit in illegally drugging animals “in violation of federal rules,” as well as failing to properly document “wildlife activities” for Kentucky officials.

What is turtleman worth?

Turtle Man net worth: Turtle Man is a television personality and animal advocate who has a net worth of $1 million dollars. Born in Washington County, Kentucky, Turtle Man, also known as Ernie Brown, Jr., is the subject of the Animal Planet series, “Call of the Wildman”.

Is the Turtleman still living?

On Tuesday, March 15, 2022, fans of Ernie ‘Turtleman’ Brown Jr were left concerned after rumors suggested he had passed away due to a heart attack. However, these claims aren’t true and the former Call of the Wildman star is alive.

What happened to Neal from turtleman?

Neal James died from natural causes Friday. He was found at his home in Washington County. The 55-year-old Animal Planet star was known as “The Banjo Man” on the television show “The Call of the Wildman”. James was friends with “The Turtleman” Ernie Brown Jr.

Why is Turtleman in the hospital?

Did turtle man have an accident?

Ernie Brown Jr., better known as “The Turtleman” was recovering in a hospital bed in March 22 after an accident involving a tree limb. LOUISVILLE, Ky.

Why is turtle man in the hospital?