What is Web server control?


What is Web server control?

Web server controls Controls with more built-in features than HTML server controls. Web server controls include not only form controls such as buttons and text boxes, but also special-purpose controls such as a calendar, menus, and a tree view control.

What are three categories of web controls?

Web controls fall into five categories: display, input, selection, validation, and special purpose.

When should you use an HTML control?

Q. 4 When should you use HTML server control rather than web server controls? A) You are migrating existing, classic ASP pages over to ASP.NET pages….Use of PreInit Event.

  1. Create controls dynamic.
  2. Set a master page dynamically.
  3. Set the Theme property dynamically.
  4. Read or set profile property values.

What is the difference between HTML helper and tag helpers?

Tag Helpers are attached to HTML elements inside your Razor views and can help you write markup that is both cleaner and easier to read than the traditional HTML Helpers. HTML Helpers, on the other hand, are invoked as methods that are mixed with HTML inside your Razor views.

Why we use HTML helpers in MVC?

Helper class can create HTML controls programmatically. HTML Helpers are used in View to render HTML content. It is not mandatory to use HTML Helper classes for building an ASP.NET MVC application. We can build an ASP.NET MVC application without using them, but HTML Helpers helps in the rapid development of a view.

What is meant by a web server control explain any two controls with examples?

Some Web server controls provide richer functionality, such as the Calendar control, AdRotator control, and so on, not available with HTML controls. Web server controls have advanced features such as automatic browser detection, automatic postback, and event bubbling.

What are the types of Web server button control that can be created?

There are three types of button controls that you can add to a Web Form Page:

  • Button Displays the normal form submit pushbutton.
  • ImageButton Displays an image for the button.
  • LinkButton Displays a hypertext link for a button.

Is there a difference between a link and a hyperlink?

Key difference The main difference between a link and a hyperlink is what you see. What you see with a hyperlink is anchor text. That is, some text on the current webpage that (usually) relates to the content of the linked resource. With a link, meanwhile, you see the address of the linked page.

Is a Web server control which is used to create an HTML select component?

These components are treated as simple text and pass through to the browser. We can convert an HTML element to server control by adding a runat=”server” and an id attribute to the component….HTML Components.

Controls Name Description
Text Area It is used to create a text area in the html form.

What are the classes of control?

NIST Special Publication (SP) 800-53 rev 3 organizes controls into three primary classes: management, technical, and operational, as illustrated in Figure 9-4.

What is state management in ASP.NET with example?

ASP.NET State management is a preserve state control and object in an application because ASP.NET web applications are stateless. A new instance of the Web page class is created each time the page is posted to the server.

Why are tag helpers better than HTML?

Tag helpers are especially good news for page designers. Because tag helpers attach themselves to HTML elements, page designers get to work with tags they actually understand (unlike HtmlHelpers that are, essentially, opaque to anyone with HTML and CSS knowledge).

What are different types of HTML helpers?

Types of HTML Helpers With Examples

  • @Html.TextBox.
  • @Html.Password.
  • @Html.TextArea.
  • @Html.CheckBox.
  • @Html.RadioButton.
  • @Html.DropDownList.
  • @Html.ListBox.
  • @Html.Hidden.