What is the use of sequence in XSD?


What is the use of sequence in XSD?

Definition and Usage The sequence element specifies that the child elements must appear in a sequence. Each child element can occur from 0 to any number of times.

What XML schema type can be used to contain other elements and attributes?

A complex element is an XML element that contains other elements and/or attributes.

How can we make attributes have multiple values?

Attribute Element (Handling Multiple Values)

  1. use a “primitive attribute” and append, with a separator character, the multiple values into one string, or.
  2. use the FME attribute list, or.
  3. retain one attribute value out of the multiple values.

Does the order of XML attributes matter?

According to the XML specification, the order of attribute specifications in a start-tag or empty-element tag is not significant.

Can attributes have multiple values?

Multivalued Attributes A multivalued attribute of an entity is an attribute that can have more than one value associated with the key of the entity. For example, a large company could have many divisions, some of them possibly in different cities.

Can XML attributes have multiple values?

attributes cannot contain multiple values (elements can)

How can an element be defined within an XSD?

Each element definition within the XSD must have a ‘name’ property, which is the tag name that will appear in the XML document. The ‘type’ property provides the description of what type of data can be contained within the element when it appears in the XML document.

What is the difference between XML DTD and XML schema or XSD?

There are many differences between DTD (Document Type Definition) and XSD (XML Schema Definition)….DTD vs XSD.

7) DTD is not simple to learn. XSD is simple to learn because you don’t need to learn new language.
8) DTD provides less control on XML structure. XSD provides more control on XML structure.

How do you write attributes in XSD?

XSD defines it as a simple type.

  1. Syntax.
  2. Example. Consider the following XML Element
  3. Default Value. Attribute can have a default value assigned to it.
  4. Fixed Value. Attribute can have a fix value assigned.
  5. Restriction.