What is the timing of Mangala Express?


What is the timing of Mangala Express?

It departs from Delhi H Nizamuddin station (NZM) at 05:40 from platform 3 and arrives at Ernakulam Jn station (ERS) at 10:25 on platform 3. MNGLA LKSDP EXP takes 52 hrs 45 mints to cover the distance of 2761 km between Delhi and Ernakulum. It is a superfast train.

Where is Mangala Lakshadweep Express now?

12618 Mangala Lakshadweep Express Train Time Table

Station Arrives Departs
MANMAD JN (MMR) 01:13 01:15
NASIK ROAD (NK) 02:18 02:23
KALYAN JN (KYN) 05:30 05:33
PANVEL (PNVL) 06:30 06:35

Is Mangala Express running today?

The departure time for 12618 Mngla Lksdp Exp from H Nizamuddin is 05:42. The arrival time to Ernakulam Jn is 10:25….12618 Mngla Lksdp Exp Running Status.

Station Shoranur Jn 2653 km
Arrival Status Actual/Scheduled 06:05 06:05
Departure Status Actual/Scheduled 06:10 06:10
Delay On Time
PF/Halt – 5min

Is Mangala Express Cancelled?

: Southern Railways announced the cancellation of tomorrow’s Mangala Lakshadweep express following derailment of two trains in the Khandwa-Itarzi section in Madhya Pradesh.

What is the route of Kerala Express?

Trivandrum is located in the state of Kerela and New Delhi is located in the state of Delhi. The two cities are located at a distance of 3035kms. The train 12625 is named as Kerala Express….Kerala Express -12625 ( Trivandrum Cntl to New Delhi )

Station name (code) Mathura Junction (MTJ)
Stop time 3 min
Distance travelled 2894 km
Day 3
Route 1

Is Mangala Lakshadweep running?

Departed from Shoranur Jn at 08-Jul-2022 12:59. 11 Kms. to arrive PattambiPATTAMBI….12617 / Mangala Lakshadweep SF Express (PT)(ERS – NZM) Running Train Status.

Station Gwalior Junction (GWL)
Actual / Sch. Arrival 08:24/08:00
Actual / Sch. Departure 08:26/08:02
Halt 2
Train Status

Why is Mangala called Lakshadweep?

Later in 1993, the slip service got discontinued & this train was made independent & officially renamed as 2617/18 Mangala Express. Since the train was running till Mangalore, the name Mangala was derived from Mangaladevi, the most important deity of Mangalore city.

Does Mangala Express have pantry?

Pantry Car – Available. However, passengers can order food. Journey Duration – 49 Hours (Approximately) Running status – On-time.

Where is Kerala express right now?

The departure time for 12625 Kerala Express from Trivandrum Cntl is 12:20. The arrival time to New Delhi is 13:15….12625 Kerala Express Running Status.

Station Renigunta Jn 903 km
Arrival Status Actual/Scheduled 05:18 05:18
Departure Status Actual/Scheduled 05:20 05:20
Delay On Time
PF/Halt – 2min