What is the synonym of cases?


What is the synonym of cases?

Some common synonyms of case are example, illustration, instance, sample, and specimen.

What is a synonym for in some cases?

a few times. hardly. occasionally. rarely.

What is another way to say in many cases?

What is another word for in many cases?

often frequently
a lot oftentimes
recurrently repeatedly
routinely usually
again and again consistently

Whats the meaning of in case?

We use in case of + noun to mean ‘if and when something happens’: [notice in a lift] In case of breakdown, please press the alarm button and call this number.

What is the synonyms of situation?

In this page you can discover 64 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for situation, like: condition, circumstance, predicamental, place, status, state of one’s affairs, circumstances, location, scenario, employment and rank.

How do you use some cases?

In some cases , disk jockeys got money or records; in some cases they got favors, in some cases cars, hotel rooms or trips. In some cases , the tissue disintegrated, and in some cases , it remained intact. In some cases , the pulp remains normal, whereas in some cases it becomes necrotic.

Which is not the case synonym?

What is another word for not the case?

truthless incorrect
erroneous fallacious
false imprecise
inaccurate inexact
misleading mistaken

What is a word for multiple things?

What is another word for multiple?

many numerous
various diverse
manifold myriad
sundry varied
different miscellaneous

What do you call a multiple of something?

numerous, many, various, different, diverse, several, sundry, miscellaneous, manifold, multifarious, multitudinous, compound, collective. literary myriad, divers.

How do you use the word in case?

We use in case to talk about things we should do in order to be prepared for possible future situations:

  1. Shall I keep some chicken salad for your brother in case he’s hungry when he gets here? (
  2. In case I forget later, here are the keys to the garage. (

How do we use in case?

We use in case to express that we are doing something in preparation for something which might happen. Take an umbrella in case it rains! I’ll buy some more wine in case this bottle is not enough. We use in case of to say what we should do if or when something happens.

Why do we say in case?

“In case” can be used in the same meaning also without “of” in the phrase “just in case” which means “if something understood from the context happens”: It’s dangerous outside.

What is the homonym of case?

Answer:- Case = ↧ 1. A specific occurrence of matter which requires decision, discussion or investigation of the police and lawyers officials by the government in a specific place called court.

What are antonyms for case?

What is the opposite of case?

fabrication lie
concoction prevarication
untruth falsification
falsity fib
fiction fraud

What is a set of two things called?

Noun. Two people or things of the same sort considered together. couple. pair. duo.