What is the Olympic hammer throw record?


What is the Olympic hammer throw record?

84.80 m
The Olympic records are 84.80 m (278 ft 21⁄2 in) for men, set by Sergey Litvinov in 1988, and 82.29 m ( 269 ft 113⁄4 in) for women, set by Anita Włodarczyk in 2016.

What are the world record for Mario and Sonic Olympics?

The starting world record for the event is 9.77 seconds, and the starting Olympic record is 9.84 seconds….100m (Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games for Wii)

Appears in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (Wii)
Type Athletics

What was the longest hammer throw ever at the Highland Games in meters?

47.76 m.
The longest throw of the light hammer (weight 16 lb. (7.25 kg.)) is 156 ft. 8.5 in (47.76 m.)

Who won Olympic hammer throw?

Wojciech Nowicki
Wojciech Nowicki of Poland threw farthest to claim gold in the Tokyo 2020 (in 2021) men’s Olympic hammer throw with a distance of 82.52 out of six rounds (all over 80m) on 4 August at the Tokyo Olympic Stadium.

How do you unlock circuits in Mario and Sonic Olympics 2008?

Below is a list of events that can be unlocked in the game, and how to unlock each.

  1. 400m Hurdles – Win Sunlight Circuit.
  2. 400m Race – Win Planet Circuit.
  3. 4x100m Relay – Unlock the Moonlight Circuit.
  4. Advanced Class – Come in First on the Moonlight Circuit.
  5. Archery – Unlock the Stardust Circuit.

How heavy can a hammer throw?

How it works. Another of the throws events, athletes throw a metal ball (16lb/7.26kg for men, 4kg/8.8lb for women) that is attached to a grip by a steel wire no longer than 1.22m while remaining inside a seven-foot (2.135m) diameter circle.

What’s the farthest discus throw?

men – SENIOR – outdoor

Type Mark Competitor
World Records 74.08 Jürgen SCHULT
World Championships in Athletics Records 70.17 Virgilijus ALEKNA
World Leading 2022 71.47 Daniel STÅHL
Olympic Games Records 69.89 Virgilijus ALEKNA

Who started the hammer throw?

History. Legend traces the concept of the hammer throw to approximately 2000BC and the Tailteann Games in Tara, Ireland, where the Celtic warrior Culchulainn gripped a chariot wheel by its axle, whirled it around his head and threw it a huge distance.

Who created the hammer throw?

Has anyone been killed by a discus?

HEREFORD, Texas A Texas high school freshman athlete has died after being hit in the hip by a flying discus. Joshua Ramirez, 15, died Sunday at Hereford Regional Medical Center, according to a statement issued by the Hereford Independent School District.