What is the number of Duronto Express?


What is the number of Duronto Express?

Express 12246
Duronto Express 12246 Train Information Duronto Express (12246) train runs from Yesvantpur Jn to Howrah Jn. This mail express train covers a distance of about 1946 km.

Is Duronto Express running from Howrah to yesvantpur?

12245 Ypr Duronto Exp train runs from Howrah Jn (HWH) to Yesvantpur Jn (YPR) on Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun. 12245 train covers 6 stations….12245 Ypr Duronto Exp Running Status.

Station Howrah Jn –
Arrival Status Actual/Scheduled Source
Departure Status Actual/Scheduled 10:50 10:50
Delay On Time
PF/Halt – Source

Where is duronto Express now?

The departure time for 12246 Duronto Express from Yesvantpur Jn is 11:00. The arrival time to Howrah Jn is 16:50….12246 Duronto Express Running Status.

Station Yesvantpur Jn –
Arrival Status Actual/Scheduled Source
Departure Status Actual/Scheduled 11:00 11:00
Delay On Time

Where does duronto Express start?

Sealdah railway station
Duronto Express, the high speed long-distance train was launched by Indian Railways in the year 2009. The first Duronto Express ran from the Sealdah railway station in Kolkata to New Delhi and since then many trains have been added to Duronto Express’ lineup.

How is yeshwantpur in duronto?


  • Train Code#12245.
  • Train TypeSpecial Trains.
  • Classes1A, 2A, 3A, SL, 2S.
  • Duration29hr 10mins.
  • Distance1946 kms.
  • Stops6.

Is 12245 train Cancelled?

2022 will remain cancelled. 12245 Howrah -Yesvantpur Duronta Express leaving Howrah on 22.05. 2022 will remain cancelled.

Where is Duronto train?

Duronto Express Trains

Name Start Station End Station
NZM-SC DURONTO EXP (12286) Hazrat Nizamuddin Secunderabad Jn
Ald Duronto Express (12293) LOKMANYATILAK T PRAYAGRAJ JN.

Is Duronto a non stop?

Duronto Express is a category of long-distance non-stop source to destination trains run by the Indian Railways. Initially these trains did not have any ticketing stops between the origin and the destination, but since January 2016 it is possible to book tickets from those technical stops.

Is food available in Howrah Yesvantpur Duronto Express?

3 daily meals, beverages, packaged water, and snacks, including food items like samosa, rice, paratha, coffee, tea, milk is served promptly. Ice creams, Gulab Jamun, etc. are served as desserts. You can also order food from restaurants at the halting stations.

On which days duronto Express runs?

In a week, DURONTO EXPRESS operates on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday. It offers facilities like Food Choice.

Who started duronto Express?

Mamta Banerjee
It was introduced by the then railway minister, Mamta Banerjee to introduce high-speed trains across India. Derived from the Bengali word ‘duronto’ which means ‘restless’, Duronto express trains are a long-distance non-stop superfast express trains. Duronto Express trains have five different classes: AC First Class(1A)

Where is my train 02245?

02245 – Hwh Ypr Special Live Train Running Status

Station Speed Sch/Act Arrival Train Arrival Status PF
Vizianagram 10:05PM / 10:05PM No Delay
Vijayawada 04:05AM / 04:05AM No Delay
Renigunta 09:58AM / 09:58AM No Delay
Yesvantpur 04:20PM / 04:20PM No Delay

How is yesvantpur?

The train 12863 is named as HWH YPR EXPRESS. It leaves Kolkata at 20:35 on day 1 and reaches Bangalore at 07:15 on day 3.It takes 34 hrs 40 mins to reach from its source to the destination. Some of the major stations that the train passes through on its way are VIJAYAWADA JUNCTION, KATPADI JUNCTION, and BHUBANESWAR.

Howrah Yesvantpur Duronto Express runs from HWH to YPR?

(12245) The Howrah Yesvantpur Duronto Express train runs between Howrah Jn (HWH) to Yesvantpur Jn (YPR). The 12245 Howrah Yesvantpur Duronto Express train leaves Howrah Jn at 10:50 hours and reaches YPR station at 16:00 hours on the 2nd day of departure. The Howrah Yesvantpur Duronto Express train covers a total distance of 1953 kilometers.

What is the name of the Duronto Express?

The 12245 / 46 Howrah–Yeshvantapur Duronto Express is a Superfast Express train of the Duronto Express category belonging to Indian Railways – South Eastern Railway zone that runs between Howrah Junction in Kolkata, West Bengal and Yesvantpur Junction in Bengaluru, Karnataka, both in India.

How to reach Howrah Jn (HWH) from Yesvantpur?

The Yesvantpur Howrah Duronto Express (12246) passes through 6 popular railway stations to reach Howrah Jn (HWH). The entire train journey takes 29h 50m in total. The train offers travellers multiple class coaches to select train seats/berths from – the classes are CLASS – Sleeper (SL), Third AC (3A), Second AC (2A), First AC (1A).

How many coaches are there in the Duronto Express in Howrah?

It has been provided with pure Duronto-liveried sleeper coaches. The 12245 / 46 Howrah–Yeshvantapur Duronto Express presently has 1 AC First Class, 1 AC 2 tier, 5 AC 3 AC tier, 11 Sleeper class and 2 EOG coaches. In addition, it carries a pantry car .