What is the Nikon 70 200mm good for?


What is the Nikon 70 200mm good for?

Fast, sharp, and even better: AF-S NIKKOR 70-200MM F/2.8E FL ED VR. A 70-200mm f/2.8 telephoto zoom is a very popular lens for both professionals and hobbyists. The high brightness is ideal for shots in low light. Think about theater performances or sports photography indoors.

What is FL in Nikon?

Fluorite Lens Element Fluorite (FL), a lightweight mono-crystal optical material, has excellent optical properties while reducing overall lens weight to improve balance and handling, especially useful in longer focal length lenses.

Is the Nikon 70 200 f4 weather sealed?

anders_carlsson. Leopold is right: the non-IS 70-200/4L is not weather-sealed. It may be better sealed than other lenses but it does not have weather-sealing according to Canon’s own standards. There is, for instance, no rubber gasket around the mount.

What do you use a 70-200 lens for?

A 70-200mm lens is a versatile optic with uses for wildlife, wedding, sports, landscape and even portrait photographers. The option of having short, medium and long telephoto focal lengths in one lens with a fast constant aperture gives photographers so many creative options.

Is the Nikon 70-200mm worth it?

As seems typical lately, Nikon is designing to a higher standard with the high-end Nikkors, and the 70-200mm f/2.8E FL is no exception. The difference is most noticeable wide open and into the corners, and on this lens, particularly as you zoom in to 200mm. This is the best 70-200mm I’ve used to date, from any manufacturer.

What is the difference between a 70-200 and a 200mm zoom?

Unlike wide-range or other zooms that often play an optical trick of reducing the effective focal length in exchange for extra-close focusing, the 200mm end of this 70-200 stays at 200mm regardless of focused distance. Like most zooms, when compared to a fixed 200mm lens, the 200mm end of the zoom isn’t really 200mm.

How sharp is the Nikon 70-200 4 from the edge?

These confirm that the Nikon claims that the 70-200 4 is just about perfectly sharp from edge to edge, even wide-open. In fact, if you believe Nikon’s MTF claims, this f/4 lens is sharper than the f/2.8 VR II version ( compare MTF curves ).

Does the Nikon 70-200/4 have manual-focus override?

It’s only a 40% difference, which is barely visible. This 70-200/4 has instant manual-focus override; just move the ring at any time. Everything works perfectly on every digital Nikon ever made, both FX and DX, from the best D4, D800, D800E and D600 to Nikon’s cheapest digitals like the D40, D40x, D60, D3000, D3100, D3200, D5000, D5100 and D5200.