What is the moral of the story in Breaking Bad?


What is the moral of the story in Breaking Bad?

Vince Gilligan has said that the larger lesson of the series is that “actions have consequences,” and often cites examples within the show, such as an airplane collision, as symbolizing the damage Walter White’s actions have brought upon those around him.

Is Better call Saul a prequel to Breaking Bad?

Better Call Saul, the AMC show which serves as both a prequel and a sequel to Breaking Bad, has been outstanding ever since it debuted in 2015. Depending on how well it sticks the landing in the final episodes of its sixth and final season, it could end up as the best dramatic TV series ever made.

Is Breaking Bad satire?

Breaking Bad is not just the story of an anti-hero that pushes the limits of viewers’ moral support; it is a satire that challenges the viewer to rethink his or her romanticized assumptions about the establishment and celebration of the American West.

What is the conclusion of Breaking Bad?

Walter White’s previous efforts had a sense of believability about them – his ingenuity and genius made you suspend disbelief. But now, just at the very end, Breaking Bad managed to jump the shark – the final episode only just saved by the final shot of Heisenberg dying on the floor amid the ruins of his empire.

Is Walter White moral?

Walter White is one of a number of morally reprehensible characters at the centre of modern TV dramas.

How much time between Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad?

Better Call Saul follows the transformation of Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk), a former con artist who is trying to become a respectable lawyer, into the personality of the flamboyant criminal lawyer Saul Goodman (a play on the phrase “[it]’s all good, man!”), over the six-year period prior to the events of Breaking Bad.

Was Breaking Bad meant to be a comedy?

Breaking Bad was never meant to be a comedy, but even the most serious topics need a little comedic relief occasionally. The dramatic scenes during Breaking Bad may be the most memorable. However, there are plenty of humorous times that made fans laugh out loud, too.

Why is Walt so mean to Jesse?

He’s kind of the voice of reason between the two. Walt called the neo-nazis to kill Jesse because as a prior episode is titled, he sees Jesse as a rabid dog. Jesse found out that Walt poisoned Brock and manipulated him into killing Gus. Jesse also assumed Walt killed Mike, who Jesse really cared about.

Is Jesse better than Walter?

Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul has stated his belief that Jesse is a better person than Walt. Speaking to Rolling Stone, the actor argued that although Jesse has killed in the past, it was something that his character never wanted to do. Paul said: “I think Walt always had Heisenberg inside of him.

Should I watch Breaking Bad before better call?

Although there are references to Breaking Bad quite often, a newcomer can actually watch the show without needing to know much about the Albuquerque kingpin, other than they are related at some point and that he is the reason why Jimmy or Saul Goodman had to change his identity and move to another place to work at a …