What is the message silence the court is in the session?


What is the message silence the court is in the session?

written with the real life incidents of the playwright Vijay Tendulkar. The story of the play revolves around the theme of gender discrimination and the courtier system of India. in patriarchy and the women’s fight against the injustice done to her. He represents the problems faced by independent women in India.

When the play silence the court is in the session was appeared?

Vijay Tendulkar is one of the famous Indian playwrights. He has strongly expressed the socio-political conditions in his plays. He appeared as a revolt against the traditional values of a primarily orthodox society with the production of “Silence! The Court is in Session” in 1967.

Who is the victim in silence the court is in session?

In Silence! The Court is in Session, Tendulkar has depicted the difficulty of a young woman, who is a victim of the male dominated society. Tendulkar has criticized the follies prevailing in the society.

How does the play silence the court is in session expose the society mind set?

The play reveals that mainstream middle-class society was not ready to accept those who, like her, represented a new progressive future. The conservative cast of Silence! often brings up the importance of motherhood during the mock trial in order to shame Benare for the false charge of infanticide.

What is the significance of the title of play silence the court is in session explain it with relevant textual references?

In other words the very words SILENCE THE COURT IS IN SESSION indicate the absolute authority of the judge in the court room to decide upon the manners of others. The judge has also the final authority to pronounce contempt of court in case of breach of discipline.

Which technique is used by Vijay Tendulkar in the play silence the court is in session?

The Court is In Session” “Effectiveness of assertion is the Alpha and Omega of style”. – Preface of Man and Superman, George Bernard Shaw.

What does sparrow symbolize in silence the court is in session?

Sparrows Symbol Analysis. Sparrows are representative of Benare herself, and more specifically of the devastation she feels at the prospect of losing her child and her livelihood. Twice in the play Benare sings the same song involving the birds, presumably one she learned as a child and now sings to her students.

How does Mr kashikar treat his wife?

He and his wife have no children but have taken on Rokde as a ward and unpaid servant. Kashikar is intensely critical of Rokde as well as his wife, Mrs. Kashikir, abusing her essentially every time she speaks.

What was Leela Benare accused of?

This drama is in reality a mock trial of simple and straightforward school teacher Miss Leela Benare. She is cross-examined in the court with full mockery. She is charged with infanticide and having illicit relations with a married person Professor Damle and in this way her private life is exposed.

How silence the court in session as a social satire?

Silence! The Court is in Session of Vijay Tendulkar is a satire on Indian society. It is a critique of gender discrimination and social hierarchy that exists even in the present day social structure. The playwright has given ironic treatment to the legal system.

What is the setting of the play silence?

India. The South Asian country of India is the broad-strokes setting of the play. The country’s cultural conservative nature and perception of morality is a significant influence on the characters, and on the action of the play.

What type of character is Leela Benare?

Leela Benare is a talented young school teacher in her mid 30s. While she is clever, she is also manipulative and sly at times. At the same time, she is frank, rebellious, sociable, extrovert, and assertive.

What role does sukhatme play in silence the court is in session?

A central member of the Living Courtroom, in which he typically plays the lawyer for the prosecution. However, since both Damle and Rawte are absent on this particular day, he also acts as the lawyer for the defense. Sukhatme also works as a lawyer outside of the troop, although his practice is not successful.

How does Vijay Tendulkar’s Silence the court is in session end?

The trial concludes as Sukhatme makes a case against Benare, arguing that she has corrupted society and the very institution of motherhood.

What happens at the end of silence the court is in session?

What does Samant give to miss Benare at the end of the play?

Samant is also the only character to show Benare any kindness, defending her in the context of the trial, and leaving her a small gift of a cloth parrot in the play’s final scene.

Who is Mr prime objective in the play silence the court is in session ‘?

Kashikar Quotes in Silence! The Court is in Session. BENARE. But Samant, ‘spreading enlightenment is also one of the Prime Objectives behind our programme’.

Who was Mrs kashikar?

The wife of Mr. Kashikar and a supporting member of the Living Courtroom. Although critical like her husband, Mrs, Kashikar has to endure near constant verbal abuse from Kashikar, who publically mocks and chastises her for essentially everything she does or says.

Who is Mr kashikar in the court is in session?

The husband of Mrs. Kashikar and a central member of the Living Courtroom, in which he plays the judge. Kashikar is a social worker in his real life and takes great pride in his job and the status it affords him. He and his wife have no children but have taken on Rokde as a ward and unpaid servant.

Who is Ponkshe?

Ponkshe played an important role in the play Mi Nathuram Godse boltoy, which was based on a very sensitive issue of assassination of Gandhi. He started playing this in 1988 in which he used to play the main role of Nathuram. He continues to get threats for playing Mahatma Gandhi’s assassin Nathuram Godse.