What is the meaning of Cheviot?


What is the meaning of Cheviot?

Definition of cheviot 1 : any of a breed of hardy hornless relatively small sheep that are a source of quality mutton and have their origin in the Cheviot hills. 2a : a fabric of cheviot wool. b : a heavy rough napped plain or twill fabric of coarse wool or worsted.

What is Cheviot wool used for?

Cheviot wool, known for its durability, is used in socks, sweaters, blankets and wool tweeds for jackets and fine suiting material. These sheep originated in Scotland but are now found in many other countries, including the United States and Canada.

Are Cheviot sheep good?

The Cheviot is a long-wool breed, hornless and of reasonable frame. Initially, it developed some popularity in Australia as a sire of top quality prime lambs as well as for crossing with Merinos to produce prime lamb mothers. Cheviot wool has a distinctive helical crimp, which gives it that highly desirable resilience.

Is Cheviot wool soft?

Like many of the downs breeds, Cheviot can be variable. Soft Cheviot is soft enough for good socks and next-to-skin wear, while coarser Cheviot is better suited for hard wearing outerwear.

What is unique about Cheviot sheep?

Cheviot wool has a distinctive helical crimp, which gives it that highly desirable resilience. Cheviot wool is often blended into other yarns to give resilience and durability to the finished article. The fleece is dense and long-stapled, of 56s-50s quality, and springy to the touch.

Where did the Cheviot sheep originated?

Cheviot, breed of hardy, medium-wool, white-faced, hornless sheep developed in Scotland and Northumberland, England. Cheviots have no wool on their heads and ears or on their legs below the knees and hocks. As a consequence they present a trimmed and alert appearance.

What are Cheviot sheep known for?

How many hills are in cheviots?

The Cheviots hills & mountains The mountain guide has 40 mountains listed in The Cheviots, England.

Is Cheviot sheep a sheep hair?

Cheviots were first introduced to the US in 1838 from Scotland. However, they were around long before then, having been recognized as one of the hardiest sheep breeds as early as 1372. Developed in the bleak mountains of Scotland, Cheviots were originally called Long sheep or White sheep.