What is the meaning of a woman in her prime?


What is the meaning of a woman in her prime?

: active and in good health She just retired, but she’s still in her prime.

What is the central message of the story a woman in her prime?

Braveness. A Woman in Her Prime is a critical novel of village life with a progressive message that is modern but not reactionary. It deals with the problems of an African woman, Pokuwaa, who is in her 30s and has not had any child, considered a tragic condition by her society, including her mother.

Who is Pokuwaa?

Konadu describes Pokuwaa as one of the industrious female farmers in Brenhoma. This really portrays African culture where women endure deadly farming work. Pokuwaa demonstrates a habit of hard work and she is known as an industrious house wife who always goes to the nearest stream to fetch water to feed the family.

When was a woman in her prime published?

1967A Woman in Her Prime / Originally published

What is someone’s prime?

If someone or something is in their prime, they are at the stage in their existence when they are at their strongest, most active, or most successful.

What does Prime mean slang?

Prime is an extremely common word with many meanings. It is often used to mean “first” or “top.”

Who is the author of a woman in her prime?

Asare KonaduA Woman in Her Prime / Author

What is the prime of your life?

The best years of one’s life, when one is at the peak of one’s powers, as in She was in the prime of life when she began to lose her sight. The related phrase in one’s prime can be applied to objects as well as persons. For example, The roses were in their prime when you last saw them.

What does it mean when someone says that was my prime?

What is the synonym of prime?

main, chief, key, primary, central, principal, foremost, first, most important, paramount, major, dominant, supreme, overriding, cardinal, pre-eminent, ultimate. informal number-one. secondary, subordinate. 2’deforestation is the prime cause of flooding’

What does it mean to be in the prime of your life?

When a man is in his prime?

Testosterone levels are typically at their highest in men who are in their late teens and early 20s. That means they respond quickly to sexual arousal and have a very healthy appetite for all things sexual.

What is considered the prime of your life?

Throughout the 25-31 and 32-39 age-ranges, the highest proportion say they are in their prime in terms of their overall level of wellbeing (58% and 57% respectively). The 25-31 group are comparatively better off, however, as fewer (13%) say they are past their prime than do 32-39 year-olds (23%).

What is the synonym of example?

Some common synonyms of example are case, illustration, instance, sample, and specimen. While all these words mean “something that exhibits distinguishing characteristics in its category,” example applies to a typical, representative, or illustrative instance or case.

What does primes stand for?


Acronym Definition
PRIMES Program for Interdisciplinary Mathematics, Ecology, and Statistics (Colorado State University)
PRIMES Preflight Integration of Munitions & Electronic Systems

What does it mean to be someone’s prime?