What is the main theme of Sonnet 71?


What is the main theme of Sonnet 71?

The Inevitability of Death and Decay “Sonnet 71” mainly focuses on love, but it’s also a meditation on the inevitability of death. Rather than resenting mortality, the speaker tries to accepts that there’s no way to avoid death.

What is the meaning of sonnet XXIX?

William Shakespeare And A Summary of Sonnet 29 Sonnet 29 focuses on the speaker’s initial state of depression, hopelessness and unhappiness in life and the subsequent recovery through happier thoughts of love.

When was Sonnet 71 written?

Shakespeare, William. “Sonnet 71.” The Sonnets. Lit2Go Edition. 1609.

How does the speaker use irony in Sonnet 71?

He expresses his contempt for the “Vile world” when he talks about how the “Wise world” will (mock [her] wwith [him] after [he is] gone). This is ironic beacuse he wants her to forget about him but most of the time people want you to remember them after they die.

How does the poet talk about death in sonnet?

He implies that “Death” is proud or arrogant because it thinks that it “overthrow(s)” its victims. In other words, “Death” is arrogant because it thinks that it is able to completely conquer the people it takes. However, the speaker says that “Death” overthrows its victims only temporarily.

What is the tone of Sonnet 29?

In the sonnet the speaker’s tone is melancholic and disheartened which is emphasized through the speaker’s choice of diction, “disgrace” and “outcast” to identify himself. This particular use of diction emits a tone of mourning and solitude, rendering questions of the source of his sorrow.

How does the speaker in Shakespeare’s sonnet describe his mistress’s eyes what effect does this opening have?

The speaker describes the eyes of the woman he loves, noting that they are not like the sun. He then compares the color of her lips to that of coral, a reddish-pink, concluding that her lips are much less red. Next he compares her breasts to the whiteness of snow. His lover’s skin, in contrast, is a dull gray.