What is the high chaos ending in Dishonored?


What is the high chaos ending in Dishonored?

It has been reported that, for high chaos to be achieved, Corvo, Daud, or Emily must kill 20% of the human population per mission. If total kills exceed 50% of the population seen, the city is irrevocably thrown into chaos, and the very high chaos ending is depicted.

Who sang honor for all?

Jon LichtDaniel Licht
Honor for All (End Credits)/Artists

Who does the music for Dexter?

Daniel James Licht
Daniel James Licht (March 13, 1957 – August 2, 2017) was an American soundtrack composer and musician, best known for writing the score of Showtime TV drama series Dexter.

What key is honor to us all in?

C major
According to the song’s official sheet music, “Honor to Us All” was written in common time in the key of C major.

Is Daud in Dishonored 2?

Daud is voiced by Michael Madsen. Before his appearance in Death of the Outsider, it was revealed by Harvey Smith in an AMA that Daud is still alive by the time of Dishonored 2, but not doing well.

Who did the intro to Dexter?

Eric Anderson, the creative designer behind the title sequence, explained the process: ”[The show’s creators] kept using the word “mundane” over and over. They liked Six Feet Under and Nip/Tuck for how mundanely both titles dealt with what could have been a visually hyperbolized depiction of each show’s subject matter.

What does honor mean in Mulan?

In doing what is right, Mulan risks everything to save the country and the father she loves. Through the battles, the humiliation and the success, she finds what she’s been seeking all along: a definition of honor that frees her from the shackles of tradition and allows her to make the most of her unique gifts.

Who prepares Mulan for the matchmaker?

A character piece, “Honor to Us All” is performed by several older Chinese women, including Mulan’s mother and grandmother Fa Li and Grandmother Fa, respectively, to Mulan as they prepare to the character to present her to the Matchmaker, hoping that she will be paired with a suitable husband and ultimately uphold …