What is the Dodgers record in spring training?


What is the Dodgers record in spring training?


12 Padres 7-9
13 Guardians 7-12
14 Dodgers 5-9
15 Athletics 5-10

What are the Dodgers standings?

National League WestNL West W X-W/L
W-LA DodgersLAD 54 57-26
W-San DiegoSD 49 48-37
W-San FranciscoSF 41 43-39
W-ArizonaARI 37 37-47

Who won the All Star game 2016 MLB?

The American League All-Stars
It was televised nationally on Fox. The American League All-Stars defeated the National League All-Stars by a score of 4–2 to win home field advantage for the 2016 World Series (which went to the Cleveland Indians).

Does spring training record mean anything?

So a team’s record in the spring means next-to-nothing about their record in the regular season, but maybe that’s just because they play so few games in the spring — not enough for teams’ true abilities to emerge.

Why is spring training in Arizona?

Today, teams travel to the warm climates of Florida and Arizona for pre-season training. “The warm weather simulates typical summertime conditions across the country so you can train and [acclimate to the] typical conditions you’ll have all year,” AccuWeather Meteorologist Brian Edwards said.

Who has hit the most home runs in All-Star Game history?

* Stan Musial has the most ASG home runs with six. He is followed by Ted Williams and Fred Lynn with four each. * The most All-Star Game home runs have been hit at Tiger Stadium with 15. Second on the list is Cleveland Stadium with 12.

What pitcher has started the most All-Star games?

All-Star Leaders

1. Roger Clemens 10
2. Mariano Rivera 9
3. Don Drysdale 8
Jim Bunning 8
Juan Marichal 8