What is the difference between urban art and graffiti?


What is the difference between urban art and graffiti?

Street art and graffiti overlap in many ways, but the key differences between the two lie in technique and intent. In terms of technique, street art tends to be image-based, whereas graffiti is more commonly word-based.

Where can I graffiti in LA?

The 13 Best Places for Graffiti in Los Angeles

  • The Geffen Contemporary (MoCA) 152 N Central Ave (at 1st St), Los Angeles, CA.
  • Murphy Ranch. Sullivan Fire Road, Los Angeles, CA.
  • Maximillian Gallery.
  • Venice Beach.
  • MOCA.
  • Highland Park Farmers Market.
  • The Container Yard.
  • Venice Beach Boardwalk.

Is graffiti illegal in California?

Graffiti is part of a long list of vandalism laws in place to protect property owners. Section 594 of the California Penal Code is the guiding law against vandalism and graffiti. In general, a person is guilty of vandalism if they deface, damage, or destroy property, which is not their own.

Is graffiti legal in California?

What is the penalty for graffiti in California?

First conviction If you have no previous California vandalism conviction, then under Penal Code 640.5 and 640.6 PC, your graffiti offense will be an infraction. The potential infraction penalties are: a maximum of one thousand dollar ($1,000) fine, and. community service.

Is graffiti a felony in California?

Graffiti Is Often Considered A Felony Crime in Los Angeles However, graffiti can be considered vandalism, and, depending on the extent of property damage, it may be charged as a felony offense. Vandalism, which encompasses graffiti, falls under California Penal Code Section 594.

What happens if you get caught doing graffiti in California?

Vandalism is punished based on the value of the property. If you are convicted of the Felony form of Vandalism, you face up to three years in a state prison, a fine of up to $50,000, or both prison and a fine.

Where can I find the best graffiti and street art in La?

We’ve been scouring Los Angeles to find the best graffiti and street art around, here’s what we’ve found Sure, you could go to the many art galleries, museums and photography galleries in Los Angeles to see art, but you don’t have to. Artists of all kinds take to the streets to make their mark, and we’ve been paying attention.

Is there another Fin DAC mural in Los Angeles?

Fredrik Lidskog of Impermanent Art tells LAist that there’s another stunning Fin DAC mural up in the Garment District in downtown L.A. The artist want to keep the location of the mural a secret and street art enthusiasts have done the same. You can see it here.

Who is the most prolific muralist in Los Angeles?

As the most prolific muralist in L.A., both in terms of the size of his murals and the number produced, Twitchell also experienced the most praise for and existential challenges to his work.”