What is the difference between 90TSI and 118TSI?


What is the difference between 90TSI and 118TSI?

In the base 90TSI, the 1.4-litre turbo delivered 90kW/200Nm, the 118TSI range-topper with 1.4-litre (118kW/240Nm) was supercharged and turbocharged for flexile performance.

Are Golf mk4 reliable?

In all seriousness, the Golf has had an impressive reliability record. Early gripes about the V6 engines have been put to rest, and the entire range has yet to spawn any significant faults. Despite this, the Golf can never quite pip Japanese rivals in reliability surveys.

Is a 2009 VW Golf a good car?

Performance. The 2009 Volkswagen GTI is mostly a stellar mover, even if it’s not an all-out performance car. The 2009 Volkswagen GTI features quick acceleration, sharp handling, and all-around strong performance—the qualities reviewers are looking for in true sports car.

What is the difference between 92TSI and 110TSI?

Further, the base engine is now the 110TSI, replacing the 92TSI. The 1.4-litre turbocharged four-cylinder generates 110kW between 5000 and 6000rpm and 250Nm from 1500rpm. It’s matched to a seven-speed DSG automatic, and the ADR fuel usage claim is 5.4L/100km.

Are Used Volkswagen Golf reliable?

Is a used Volkswagen Golf hatchback reliable? Our latest reliability data shows petrol Golfs in a better light than their diesel counterparts. Petrol models were given a reliability rating of 94.6%, while diesel variants received a rating of 89.4% – not terrible, nor amazing.

Which Volkswagen model is the most reliable?

Out of all VW models, the Volkswagen Golf is said to be one of the most reliable and a great all-round car for drivers who are looking for comfort, convenience and long term reliability.

Is the Vr6 reliable?

Volkswagen Vr6 Engine Reliability Although there is a laundry list of problems listed above, the Vr6 engine is very reliable if maintained properly. They can run for up to 150,000 miles or even longer, we’ve seen some last longer than 300,000 miles.

Is Volkswagen Golf 2010 a good car?

2010 Volkswagen Golf 103TDI Comfortline VI It offers brilliant performance (from 320Nm of torque) and fuel economy (4.9km/100l at legal cruising speeds in the country). The diesel flattens hills and offers brilliant overtaking acceleration. Around town it is great in traffic and the DSG gearbox makes it fun to drive.

How much horsepower does a 2009 golf have?

Twin-Charged: 2.5-liter performance, 1.4-liter gas mileage

Base price N/A
Vehicle layout Front-engine, FWD, 5-pass, 4-door, hatchback
Engines 1.4L/160-hp/180-lb-ft turbocharged supercharged 16-valve I4
Transmissions 6-speed manual, 7-speed auto-clutch manual