What is the best gaming recording software for Mac?


What is the best gaming recording software for Mac?

Part 2. Best Games Recording Software for Mac

  • ScreenFlow. ScreenFlow is advanced game recording software for Mac.
  • QuickTime. QuickTime also is one popular recording software for Mac.
  • ScreenFlick.
  • Camtasia Studio.
  • Apowersoft Mac Screen Recorder.

Where do my OBS recordings go Mac?

The default path for your recordings in OBS Studio is set to your Video folder in your main documents folder. You can easily find your recordings by clicking File and then Show Recordings in OBS Studio. To set up a custom path for your recordings in OBS, go to Settings and select the Output tab.

What is FRAPS used for?

Fraps (derived from frames per second) is a benchmarking, screen capture and screen recording utility for Windows developed by Beepa. It can capture from software that uses DirectX and OpenGL, such as PC games.

How do I record with FRAPS?

The hotkey is the keyboard key you will press while in-game to begin recording video. To set a hotkey, click in the box labeled “Video Capture Hotkey,” then press a button on your keyboard. By default, the recording hotkey is F9. Choose a hotkey that you don’t use in the game.

Is OBS the best game recording software?

Verdict: OBS Studio is one of the fastest video game recording software. But the app does not have a simple user interface. You need to tweak and experiment with different options to create the desired output. In addition, there are no video editing options.

How much space does OBS record?

How Much Space Do You Need for OBS Recordings?

Resolution Framerate File Size Per Minute (approx)
1920×1080 60 750MB
1280×720 60 45MB
1280×720 30 45MB
852×480 30 33.75MB

Where are OBS Studio recordings stored?

Does OBS work better on Mac or PC?

Putting the individual specifications of the laptops or computers aside for the time being, it’s fair to say that PCs handle OBS better in general compared to Mac devices. Live streaming requires plenty of CPU power, GPU power, and general computing power.

Is it better to stream on PC or Mac?

The conclusion is that when it comes to the streaming world, PCs are easier, cheaper, and have more options (also vMix is only compatible with PCs). It’s not impossible to do it on a Mac, just be prepared to have a $3,000+ machine.

Is Fraps obsolete?

Fraps has not been updated since February 26, 2013, and the trademark on Fraps expired on May 19, 2017, leaving the question open whether Fraps has been abandoned.