What is the answer to the riddle song?


What is the answer to the riddle song?

Modernized, it is “She sent me the cherry/Without any stone”. This is similar enough to “I gave my love a cherry without a stone”. The answer to the cherry riddle in “I Have a Yong Suster” is “Whan the chery was a flour/Than hadde it non stone”. In other words, “When the cherry was a flower/Then it had no stone”.

How tall is Nick Kershaw?

5′ 4″Nik Kershaw / Height

Who sang the riddle?

Prezioso & MarvinThe Riddle / ArtistPrezioso & Marvin is an Italo dance dance trio group founded in 1999 and made up of brothers Andrea and Giorgio Prezioso in addition to Alessandro Moschini, known as Marvin. Prior to 1999, and starting from 1993, the brothers Andrea and Giorgio Prezioso were known as the duo Prezioso. Wikipedia

What are riddle poems?

A riddle poem indirectly describes a person, place, thing, or idea. The reader must try to figure out the subject of the riddle. A riddle poem can be any length and usually has a rhyme scheme of abcb or aabb.

When did Nik Kershaw release the riddle?

“The Riddle” is a song by English singer-songwriter Nik Kershaw, released in 1984 as the lead single from his second studio album of the same name….The Riddle (Nik Kershaw song)

“The Riddle”
Released 5 November 1984
Recorded 1984
Genre Pop rock new wave
Length 3:52

What does a chicken when it’s Pippin mean?

‘Pippin’, or pipping, is a chicken still in the egg, but just starting to peck it’s way out, the idea that while still in the egg the bones have not yet developed or hardened.

How did Five for Fighting get its name?

John Ondrasik, the Grammy nominated singer-songwriter who goes by the stage name Five for Fighting, is such a huge Kings fan he checks scores during his show. His musical name is based on a hockey term as well – five for fighting, equaling the number of minutes a player must sit when called for that penalty.

How rich is Nick Kershaw?

Nik Kershaw net worth: Nik Kershaw is an English musician and singer-songwriter who has a net worth of $20 million….Nik Kershaw Net Worth.

Net Worth: $20 Million
Date of Birth: Mar 1, 1958 (64 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 4 in (1.63 m)
Profession: Singer, Record producer, Songwriter, Musician

What did Nik Kershaw song?

Wouldn’t It Be GoodThe RiddleI Won’t Let the Sun Go Down on MeWide BoyDon QuixoteWhen a Heart Beats
Nik Kershaw/Songs

How old is Nik Kershaw now?

64 years (March 1, 1958)Nik Kershaw / Age

What does it mean for an egg to pip?

Pipping, Zipping & Hatching On hatch day (day 18-25+) or the days leading up to it, the chick will peck until it breaks through the inner membrane (the part that separates the air cell from the chick). The is the gap you’ve seen when you’re candling the eggs. This is called internal pipping.

What is a bird PIP?

THE pip, or first break in the eggshell by the hatching bird, is the initial. phase of hatching. It furnishes the bird with a weakened point at which. to begin cutting the shell and complete the hatching process.