What is SWu interface?


What is SWu interface?

SWu is an Internet Key Exchange version 2 (IKEv2)-based interface, used to perform authentication, session creation, and negotiate IP Security (IPSec) sessions used at the user plane level. IKEv2 is the protocol used to set up security associations (SA) in the IPSec protocol suite, and it is specified in RFC 7296.

What is S6b interface used for?

The S6b interface is used to inform the 3GPP AAA server/proxy about current PDN GW identity and the APN being used for a given UE, or that a certain PDN GW and APN pair is no longer used. This occurs, for example, when a PDN connection is established or closed.

Which is the reference point between E utran and serving GW?

S1-U:- Reference point between E-UTRAN and Serving GW for the per bearer user plane tunnelling and inter eNodeB path switching during handover. S3:- It enables user and bearer information exchange for inter 3GPP access network mobility in idle and/or active state.

What is ePDG LTE?

evolved Packet Data Gateway. The ePDG provides access to PS domain services to WLAN UEs. For interaction with the LTE EPC (Evolved Packet Core), an ePDG (Evolved PDG) may be utilised. General responsibilities include IP address management, support for MIP (Mobile IP), QoS enforcement, lawful intercept and security.

What is the difference between S5 and S8 interface in LTE?

Explaining the S5/S8 Interface in LTE: In principle S5 and S8 is the same interface, the difference being that S8 is used when roaming between different operators while S5 is network internal. The S5/S8 interface is used within the Evolved Packet Core (EPC) for LTE.

Which interface connects the E-UTRAN to the EPC?

S1 interface
The S1 interface connects the E-UTRAN and the EPC for both the user and the control planes. It has two parts: the S1-AP, belonging to the control plane and the S1-U (GTP-U), belonging to the user plane.

What is E-UTRAN in 5g?

E-UTRA or Evolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access is a wireless communication technology that provides a high data rate, low latency (5 ms) communication link between mobile phones and base stations.

What is Diameter Gy interface?

Diameter Gy Interface explained. Gy is another diameter interface between PCEF and OCS having application id 14 for a charging application. So first we will understand what is PCEF and OCS. PCEF’s full form is Policy and Charging Enforcement Function. This component is located inside GGSN or PGW.

What is Gx interface in LTE?

The Gx interface connects the PCRF with policy enforcement points. These are found in the packet core of 3G and 4G networks. The serving GPRS support node (SGSN), gateway GPRS support node (GGSN), and PDN Gateway are all considered as enforcement points, supported by the Gx interface.

Which transport protocol is used by S5 interface?

GTP V2 over UDP transport protocol
Overview. S5/8 interface is between the SGW and PGW. It uses GTP V2 over UDP transport protocol.

What are the components of E-UTRAN?

E-UTRAN is the initialism of Evolved UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access Network and is the combination of E-UTRA, user equipment (UE), and E-UTRAN Node B or Evolved Node B (eNodeB).

What are the components of e-utran?

What is the interface between UTRAN and CN?

There are four interfaces connecting the UTRAN internally or externally to other functional entities: Iu, Uu, Iub and Iur. The Iu interface is an external interface that connects the RNC to the Core Network (CN). The Uu is also external, connecting Node B with the User Equipment (UE).

What is S8 interface in LTE?

The S8 interface is the roaming variant of S5 and is used in roaming scenarios with the S-GW in the visited network and the P-GW in the home network.