What is Sumangali scheme?


What is Sumangali scheme?

Sumangali Scheme is a form of illegal labour practice that still persists in parts of Tamil Nadu, southern India.

Who is known as Sumangali?

The Sumangali Scheme, a form of forced labour in India, is said to have begun two decades ago. The word “Sumangali” in Tamil refers to a happy and content married woman.

How do you do sumangali Pooja?

Preparing the place to make pooja: the nuni side of the saree should be kept facing North direction. The dress of the kanya girl is also kept on the second manai palagai. The vethalai, paaku, manjal, poo, small mirror, comb, bangles all should be kept on both the dress. A small garland(maalai) is also tied around it.

Why is sumangali pooja done?

In the Vedas, ‘Sumangali’ is the title given to a married woman living with her husband. Prarthanai means prayers. Sumangali Prarthanai is a ritual performed in South Indian Brahmin homes before ceremonious occasions like a marriage, thread ceremony, or a women’s death before her husband.

Who can do sumangali Prarthanai?

Generally 5or 7 sumangalis and 2 Kanya Kids(girls who didn’t attain puberty) will be invited for the pooja. As such no elaborate pooja will there for this function. But unlike other functions, this is completely a ladies function and the pondugals who are invited along with the kanyas will be served the food first.

How do you do sumangali pooja?

How can I invite to sumangali Prarthanai?

The day before the Sumangali Prarthanai, we need to take 1 small bowl of gingelly oil along with seekai powder, turmeric powder, kumkum and give it to each pendugal and invite them for sumangali prarthanai.

How is sumangali Prarthanai done?

The Ritual The family performing the function invites five to seven Sumangalis (married women) and a Kanya (a girl who has not attained puberty) to participate in the main function. Women on their periods are not allowed to participate or attend the function.

When can sumangali Prarthanai be done?

If we didn’t have any occasion at home for 3-4 years, we just casually do this sumangali prarthanai just to seek the blessings for the entire family. That’s why this time we did at our home. Generally 5or 7 sumangalis and 2 Kanya Kids(girls who didn’t attain puberty) will be invited for the pooja.

What is Pondugal?

All the pondugal (married ladies + Kanya ponnu) are invited inside the home at the same time. Host wash pondugal legs then give turmeric kumkum and flower to all pondugal. According to our family, the traditional host holds a pondugal hand and pronounces an ancestor sumangali name, and invites home.