What is sio2 wafer?


What is sio2 wafer?

Among semiconductor technology, SiO2 thin film layers are mainly used as dielectric material and more recently, they are integrated in MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) devices. The simplest way to produce silicon oxide layers on silicon wafers is to oxidize silicon with oxygen.

Why is wafer bonding needed?

Wafer level bonding of semiconductor devices or sensors also protects the devices from possible contamination of subsequent processes such as dicing and die singulation. Wafer bonding can be used to join any two flat mirror- polished clean surfaces with various crystallographic orientations and lattice constants.

How thick is a silicon wafer?


Wafer size Typical thickness Weight per wafer
1-inch (25 mm)
2-inch (51 mm) 275 μm
3-inch (76 mm) 375 μm
4-inch (100 mm) 525 μm 10 grams

What is the Colour of silicon wafer?

Color Sheet for Silicon Oxide Wafer

Oxide Thickness COLOR CODE Color and Comments
3100 0000FF Blue
3250 0083AE Blue to blue-green
3450 00FF00 Light green
3500 84D82E Green to yellow-green

What is 300 mm wafer?

The 300 mm (12-inch) wafer offers 225 percent of the silicon surface area (over twice as much surface area), and about 240 percent of the printed die (individual computer chips) per wafer, relative to standard 200 mm (8-inch) wafers used in many semiconductor manufacturing plants today.

What is frit seal?

• Frits – finely powdered glasses that when re-heated will sinter, soften, and flow to form a seal or a coating. At start: unconsolidated frit powder.

What is CTE coating?

CTE coating is a thermoplastic polymeric coating. The CTE coating system is made up of four main components: primer, coal tar enamel, glass fibre inner-wrap and glass fibre outer-wrap. The codes and standards for CTE are AWWA C203, BS 4164 or IS 10221.

What is the standard wafer size?

The size of wafers for photovoltaics is 100–200 mm square and the thickness is 100–500 μm. Electronics use wafer sizes from 100 to 450 mm diameter. The largest wafers made have a diameter of 450 mm, but are not yet in general use.