What is inspection in the Marines?


What is inspection in the Marines?

The purpose of the SDI inspection was to test the recruits, while under the pressure of drill instructors, on what they’ve learned in recruit training. “The senior drill instructor inspection shows us where the baseline is for the recruits’ confidence and bearing,” said Gunnery Sgt. Cornell S.

What is the point of inspections USMC?

The fundamental purpose of all inspections should be to assess, assist, and enhance the ability of a command to prepare for and to perform its assigned mission. The command’s mission shall be the focus of the inspection.

What is a Fraap inspection?

Commander’s Intent: The purpose of the FRAAP assessment is to evaluate a reserve unit’s ability to activate, stage, and marshal personnel and equipment for follow-on movement prior to integration with a Gaining Force Commander (GFC).

What does CGI stand for USMC?

Assistance and Hotline Division. Counsel to the Inspector General. Command Inspectors General.

What is records management USMC?

Records management is everyone’s responsibility. The Marine Corps is responsible to manage and preserve Marine Corps records to document Marine achievements and historical events, comply with legal/statutory obligations and fiscal requirements, and support future business use.

What is I&I in the USMC?

I&I = Inspector & Instructor. These are the active duty Marines who are there to augment Reserve training and keep the unit moving between drill periods. As far as I know, it is a volunteer billet.

What is Fraap in the USMC?

This Force Readiness Assessment and Assistance Program (FRAAP) order sets forth the policy, guidance and procedures governing the conduct of the FRAAP throughout Marine Forces Reserve (MARFORRES). The Mobilization Operational Readiness Deployment Test (MORDT) is to be interpreted as FRAAP.

What does a watch officer do USMC?

The Watch Officer is the Commander’s direct representative and is the senior billet holder within the combat operations center. Essentially, the Watch Officer coordinates proper responses to events and information requirements.

What is a Don tracker?

Department of the Navy Tasking, Records and Consolidated Knowledge Enterprise Repository (DON TRACKER) TRACKER is an Enterprise Task Management solution that delivers a single, easy-to-use system that manages tasks and all of the content, records, and processes associated with them.

Is a routing slip a record?

Routing slips are a way of bringing either matter records or matter documents to the attention of an individual from whom an action or response is needed. Routing slips are typically accessed by legal staff, but Key Personnel users can take action on Routing Slips if they have viewing/editing permissions enabled.

What is FAP USMC?

The Family Advocacy Program (FAP) is a multi-faceted, multi-disciplinary resource that is designed to address child abuse and domestic abuse within the Marine Corps community through prevention, intervention, and treatment.

What does Vmgr stand for USMC?


Acronym Definition
VMGR Marine Aerial Refueler Transport Squadron (US Marine Corps)

What is a frost call USMC?

(Fast Response on Short Transmission) Call: A system designed in the USMC Reserve to facilitate rapid response and communication among service members during emergencies and prior to drill dates.

What does Fraap stand for?

FRAAP stands for Force Readiness Assessment and Assistance Program (US Marine Corps)