What is ini used for?


What is ini used for?

INI file is a type of file that contains configuration information in a simple, predefined format. It is used by Windows OSs and Windows-based applications to store information about the user’s preferences and operating environment.

What does ini file stand for?

INItialization file
(INItialization file) A Windows configuration file used to store settings for the operating system or application. In the days of Windows 3. x, the WIN. INI and SYSTEM. INI system files were required by the OS, and applications commonly used the INI format to store settings.

Where is the ini file?

The INI file which contains the Program Options is stored in the user’s Windows\application_data folder (something like C:\Users\pguth\AppData\Roaming\microdem\microdem. ini) .

What is ini in text?

INI. I’m Not Interested. Internet » Chat.

How do INI files work?

A file with the INI file extension is an initialization file for Windows or MS-DOS. They are plain text files that contain settings that dictate how something else—usually a program—should operate. Various programs use their own INI files, but they all serve the same purpose.

How do I get rid of desktop INI virus?

Removing the Desktop. ini Virus

  1. Boot your PC in Safe Mode.
  2. Delete the file (desktop. ini).
  3. Open the Registry Editor and delete infected entries on the register.
  4. Restart your PC or laptop.

How does INI file work?

An INI file is basically a text file with a simple structure that allows you to save and retrieve specific pieces of information; its filename extension is . INI, short for initialization. By storing information in an INI file, you can avoid hard-coding values in your program.

How do I run a .INI file?

How to Open and Edit INI Files. It’s not a common practice for people to open or edit INI files, but they can be opened and changed with any text editor. Just double-clicking it will automatically open it in the Notepad application in Windows.

Is INI a virus?

No, this file is not a virus. However, there are a few viruses that exploit the capabilities of the desktop. ini file. If you’re concerned about this file being infected, scan it with an antivirus program.

How do I use an INI file?

What language is INI?

ini has abbreviated Initialize values as language, and it is a new file format. It uses for specifying data in configurations similar to text files. Usually, each software or application has some configuration data. We used to have a property file with key and value pairs like key=value.

What does the name INI mean?

Meaning of Ini: Name Ini in the Jamaican origin, means Time.

Should I delete desktop INI?

Deleting the desktop. ini files is not recommended, even though it is not harmful. Since their only role is to store some visual customization options, deleting them does not damage your Windows installation.

Is ini file a virus?

Is it safe to delete desktop ini?

How do I get rid of ini virus?

Is desktop INI file a virus?

How do I edit INI files?

How to specify INI file modifications

  1. Decide upon the extent of the modifications.
  2. Go to the INI files project page.
  3. Right-click anywhere in the list to open its context menu.
  4. On the context menu that appears, choose New INI Value.
  5. InstallMate creates a new INI file key.

How to create a new INI file?

If you want to create a new INI file, you can create a .txt file first. Then, open this TXT file with Notepad, type command lines, click File > Save As, and then change the file name to XX.ini. In this way, you can create a new INI file. Of course, in the same way, you can convert an INI file into other file formats.

What does all the content in the desktop INI file mean?

Now, let’s take a look at what does all the content in the desktop.ini file means: [.ShellClassInfo] – It initializes the system property which allows you to customize the underlying folder by assigning values to the several attributes that can be defined in a desktop.ini file.

What is the INI file for CCleaner?

CCleaner, for example, uses an INI file to store the different options. This particular INI file is stored as the name ccleaner.ini under the CCleaner installation folder, usually at C:Program FilesCCleaner&]. A common INI file in Windows called desktop.ini is a ​ hidden file that stores information about how folders and files should appear.

Why is there a semicolon in my INI file?

Some INI files may have a semicolon within the text. These just indicate a comment to describe something to the user if they’re looking through the INI file. Nothing following the comment is interpreted by the program that’s using it. Key names and sections are not case sensitive, at least in Windows.