What is Eric Whitacre most famous piece?


What is Eric Whitacre most famous piece?

Eric Whitacre (1970-present) His published works – of which Sleep, Cloudburst, Lux Aurumque and Water Night are amongst the most popular choral works composed this decade – have sold over a million copies worldwide.

What happened to Eric Whitacre?

A graduate of the Juilliard School of Music, Eric is currently Visiting Composer at Pembroke College, Cambridge, and recently completed his second term as Artist in Residence with the Los Angeles Master Chorale.

What is Eric Whitacre famous for?

Grammy Award-winning composer and conductor, Eric Whitacre, is among today’s most popular musicians. His works are programmed worldwide and his ground-breaking Virtual Choirs have united 100,000 singers from more than 145 countries.

What style of music is cloudburst?

contemporary choral classic
This is a contemporary choral classic and deserves its reputation.

How old was the little girl who submitted to the second virtual choir video?

We received a video featuring a 9 year old girl, Georgina from the UK.

How did Whitacre come up with the idea for his virtual choir?

“I was inspired by what I was seeing around me: people in isolation. And I wrote the music and words to this very delicate, simple piece called ‘Sing Gently. ‘” He recorded an accompaniment video to guide the singers, and set a deadline for singers to turn in their recordings.

When was Cloudburst written?

Cloudburst is a composition by Eric Whitacre for eight-part choir, with piano and percussion accompaniment. Whitacre began writing the piece in 1991 (when the composer was 21), at the request of conductor Dr. Jocelyn K. Jensen for her high school choir – the final version of the piece was published in 1995.

How do I join the Eric Whitacre virtual choir?

Join The Choir

  1. 1 Create Your Account. Everyone is welcome!
  2. 2 Learn The Music. Hey gang,
  3. 3 Record Your Video. To record your video you will need two devices: one device to watch the conductor video and another device to record your performance.
  4. 4 Upload Your Video.
  5. 5 What’s Next.

How many total video submissions were made for Whitacre’s second virtual choir sleep?

2052 videos
Featuring Eric’s composition ‘Sleep’, Virtual Choir 2 was released in April 2011 and was met with a staggering response, incorporating 2052 videos from 58 countries and from all walks of life, including 9 year olds to senior citizens.

What piece by Whitacre did a fan send a video of herself singing?

In 2009, Grammy-winning conductor and composer Eric Whitacre received a video from a fan singing the soprano part from one of his compositions.

Where was cloudburst filmed?

Filmed in Maine and Nova Scotia, the cinematography includes sweeping vistas, beaches, quaint port towns and sunsets. Although the main characters are lesbian, “Cloudburst” is a crossover film.

How do I join Eric Whitacre’s virtual choir?

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