What is ephedra supplement?


What is ephedra supplement?

Ephedra is a stimulant herb usually from the stem and branches of Ephedra sinica. Most ephedra species contain the chemical ephedrine. It’s banned in the US. The ephedrine in ephedra is responsible for its therapeutic effects and also its serious safety concerns. It stimulates the heart, lungs, and nervous system.

What class of drug is ephedra?

Ephedrine may be used alone or with other medications. Ephedrine belongs to a class of drugs called Alpha/Beta Adrenergic Agonists.

Is ephedra used as a medicine?

Ephedra (Ephedra sinica), also called ma huang, is an herb that has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for more than 5,000 years, primarily to treat asthma, bronchitis, and hay fever. Ephedra is also prescribed for symptoms of cold and flu, including nasal congestion, cough, fever, and chills.

What does ephedra do to the body?

Ephedra can cause a quickened heartbeat and elevated blood pressure. Side effects include heart palpitations, nausea, and vomiting. More than 800 dangerous reactions have been reported with use of the herb. These include heart attacks, strokes, seizures, and sudden deaths.

What is ephedra vs ephedrine?

Ephedrine is a chemical contained in the ephedra herb. Ephedrine has medical uses, mostly in operating rooms and intensive care units. Its chemical properties raise blood pressure and heart rate and open up the large air passages in the lungs.

What medicines contain ephedra?

Ephedrine is available over-the-counter (OTC) as an oral medication in combination with the expectorant guaifenesin, and comes in the form of tablets, caplets, or syrup….Common brands containing ephedrine:

  • Bronkaid®
  • Primatene® Tablets.
  • Store Brands (ex: Walmart’s “Equate” store brand or CVS Health store brand)

What is the common name of ephedra?

Common names in English include joint-pine, jointfir, Mormon-tea or Brigham tea. The Chinese name for Ephedra species is mahuang (simplified Chinese: 麻黄; traditional Chinese: 麻黃; pinyin: máhuáng; Wade–Giles: ma-huang; lit.

How does ephedra help you lose weight?

Several studies showed that ephedrine increases resting metabolic rate — the number of calories your body burns at rest — which may be due to an increase in the number of calories burned by your muscles ( 4 , 6 ). Ephedrine can also boost the fat-burning process in your body ( 7 , 8 ).

What plant makes ephedra?

Ephedra: Mormon Tea, Joint-Fir, Ma Huang Ephedra viridis is common in the southwestern United States.

What medications contain ephedra?

What is the difference between ephedra and phentermine?

Phentermine is available only by prescription, and is not sold as part of an herbal cocktail, whereas Ephedrine, because it is naturally occurring and not under as strict FDA control, has been used in a variety of herbal energy boosters,fat burn- ers, and dietary supplements.

What is difference between ephedra and ephedrine?

What drugs have ephedra?

Is ephedrine a hormone?

Ephedra contains a natural alkaloid ephedrine, similar to the hormone epinephrine (adrenaline), a stimulant that acts on the central nervous system (CNS), dilates the bronchial tubes in the lungs, elevates blood pressure, and increases heart rate thereby giving a feeling of jolt of energy.

What products have ephedrine?

ephedrine nasal. Brand names: Pretz-D Drug class(es): nasal antihistamines and decongestants. Multi-ingredient medications containing ephedrine: aminophylline/amobarbital/ephedrine systemic. Brand names: Asthmacon Drug class(es): antiasthmatic combinations. aminophylline/ephedrine/guaifenesin/phenobarbital systemic. Brand names: Mudrane GG

What is the best supplement for weight loss?


  • Lean Optimizer
  • Phen375
  • Phen24
  • How much ephedrine is needed for weight loss?

    With that being said, there isn’t enough evidence to say what would happen when taking it for a longer period. The most commonly known protocol for ephedrine dosing when it comes to weight loss is three servings at twenty to twenty-five mg each day. This should be taken in the morning, around noon, and in the early afternoon hours.

    Why is Ephedra banned?

    Why the FDA Banned Ephedra Products Containing Ephedrine Studies showed ephedra use was associated with heart palpitations, high blood pressure and even heart attacks. Over 16,000 reports of adverse reactions were reviewed when the FDA made its decision.