What is Cuckoo Hashing in analysis of algorithm?


What is Cuckoo Hashing in analysis of algorithm?

Cuckoo hashing is a form of open addressing in which each non-empty cell of a hash table contains a key or key–value pair. A hash function is used to determine the location for each key, and its presence in the table (or the value associated with it) can be found by examining that cell of the table.

Who invented Cuckoo Hashing?

First introduced by Pagh in 2001 [3] as an extension of a previous static dictionary data structure, Cuckoo Hashing was the first such hash table with practically small constant factors [4].

What is cuckoo sequence?

Cuckoo sequence program or Cuckoo Hashing is a method used to solve the problem when a collision occurs in a Hash Table. Collisions are likely of two hash values of a hash function in a table. A collision occurs when two hash values for the same key occurs in the hash function of a table.

How does Cuckoo Hashing guarantee o1 lookups?

Apparently it achieves this by using two hash functions, and if it gets a collision with one, it uses the alternative one. If it gets collisions with both, it first tries to shuffle items around to make space, but if there are three keys that all hash to the same value with both hash functions, this will fail.

What is Robin Hood hashing?

Robin Hood hashing is a technique for implementing hash tables. It is based on open addressing with a simple but clever twist: As new keys are inserted, old keys are shifted around in a way such that all keys stay reasonably close to the slot they originally hash to.

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How does hopscotch hashing work?

A Hopscotch hash table is based on open addressing i.e. it has an array of buckets and stores at most one key-value pair in each bucket. Upon collisions, Hopscotch hashing aims to keep key-value pairs close to the original bucket (in it’s neighborhood). This keeps the chains short and achieves good memory locality.

What is double hashing in data structure?

Double hashing is a computer programming technique used in conjunction with open addressing in hash tables to resolve hash collisions, by using a secondary hash of the key as an offset when a collision occurs. Double hashing with open addressing is a classical data structure on a table .

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What is a universal hash family?

A family of functions is called a universal family if, . In other words, any two keys of the universe collide with probability at most when the hash function is drawn randomly from . This is exactly the probability of collision we would expect if the hash function assigned truly random hash codes to every key.

What is rehashing and double hashing?

Double Hashing or rehashing: Hash the key a second time, using a different hash function, and use the result as the step size. For a given key the step size remains constant throughout a probe, but it is different for different keys.

What is rehashing data structure?

As the name suggests, rehashing means hashing again. Basically, when the load factor increases to more than its pre-defined value (default value of load factor is 0.75), the complexity increases.

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