What is Bqs machine?


What is Bqs machine?

The BQS (Blistering Quickly through Servo) blister packing machine is a servo technology enabled, flat-forming, flat-sealing, continuous motion blister packing machine that achieves precision, power, speed and position control.

What is a blister pack machine?

Each blister machine, often referred to as a thermoformer, is capable of packaging virtually any blister application for a variety of industries. Pharmaworks equipment has been designed for production in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, medical device, animal health, and consumer industries.

How does a blistering machine work?

The working rule of the flat forming blister machine: The formed film is heated and softened by the flat heating device. The softened film is blown into a blister by using compressed gas within the flat forming device, and therefore the filling device fills the package into the blister.

How many sensors does a Bqs machine have?

IQ of Blister Packing Machine (BQS)

Description Specification
Capacity 50 Ltrs.
Location Feeding
11. Level Sensor
Type Proximity

What material is used for blister packaging?

(polyvinyl chloride) plastic
Blister packaging is comprised of PET (polyethylene terephtalate) or PVC (polyvinyl chloride) plastic packaging. The rugged material used for blister packs makes them ideal for a wide range of applications, such as pharmaceuticals, electronic equipment, or toy products.

What is difference between Alu Alu and blister packaging?

Different use of Alu-Alu Packing and Aluminum-Plastic Packing. Aluminum-Plastic Packing is with lower cost, while Alu-Alu Packing is a bit higher. The size of Alu-Alu Pack blister are larger than Aluminum-Plastic Pack. So for the same product, more can be loaded in one container if packed by Aluminum-Plastic Pack.

What are the advantages of blister packaging?

6 Benefits of Blister Packaging

  • Freshness. Particularly for items that are used one at a time, having individual compartments can keep them at the ready for whenever the consumer is ready.
  • Dosage or serving size.
  • Packaging materials.
  • Visibility.
  • Security.

What is knurling in blister packaging?

Knurling in the blister help in proper sealing of the blister and proper knurling prevent blister from leak test failure. Proper Knurling shows good blister quality.

Do blister packs cost extra?

For maintenance medications, weekly blister packs can significantly increase costs to plans and plan members. Pharmacies charge a dispensing fee each time they fill a prescription. One weekly blister pack is considered one prescription fill.

What is blister packaging and where it is used?

Blister packaging is commonly used for small items like batteries, medicines and toy cars. While medicines are normally thought of as being contained in a blister pack, anything that has a plastic front and another material (usually cardboard) for the back is considered a blister package.

Who can get a blister pack?

To be eligible to receive blister packs, there are some criteria you need to meet:

  • Be on 5 or more medications.
  • Have a condition such as arthritis that can affect your use of original packs of medication.
  • Have a condition such as dementia or difficultly remembering to take medication.