What is Bhaal?


What is Bhaal?

Bhaal (Forgotten Realms), a deity in the Forgotten Realms setting of Dungeons and Dragons. the Bhal region of India.

Is bhaal a mortal?

Bhaal (pronounced Beh-HAHL), the Lord of Murder, was originally a mortal and one of the Dead Three. Along with Bane and Myrkul, Bhaal took the portfolios of the ancient deity Jergal. Despite his most common title, Bhaal was the god of death, but he especially favoured violent or ritual deaths.

What alignment is bhaal?


Deity Power Level Alignment
Bhaal Dead power Lawful evil
Deep Duerra Dead power Lawful evil
Eilistraee Dead power Chaotic good
Enki Dead power Lawful neutral

Who is Bhall?

A wholly evil, debased and sadistic god, Bhaal was reviled by a majority of the pantheon; his divine foes included Chauntea, Helm, Ilmater, Lathander, Lliira and Tyr. Bhaal was served by the goddesses Talona and Loviatar, who in turn served Bane and to a lesser extent, Myrkul.

How do you pronounce Baal Genshin impact?

Baal: Bahl (as heard in the English dub. It can also be pronounced as Ba-uhl (how the name was originally pronounced), sometimes Bey-uhl?) Other names: Inazuma Bakufu (稲妻幕府, いなずま ばくふ): Ee-na-zu-ma Ba-ku-fu.

Is bhaal alive 5e?

Bhaal is alive again and has reclaimed his place as the god of murder.

Are there still Bhaalspawn?

It turned out that the Bhaalspawn saga had yet to end.

What happened to bhaal?

Bhaal in particular was given a prophecy of his own death, so he impregnated a number of female mortals, before being slain by a mortal named Cyric, who then claimed his divine powers.

How do you pronounce Fischl?

The correct pronunciation in English would be “Fish-ul” I believe.

Who killed bhaal?

At the end of Chapter Nine, Gorion’s Ward has a vision of Cyric murdering Bhaal with Godsbane, when they cross Boareskyr Bridge.

How is Baal pronounced Genshin?

Why does Fischl talk like that?

Personality. Due to her upbringing as a child, Fischl is obsessed with fantasy stories and roleplays as a benevolent princess. She speaks in a polite and formal manner to all, which greatly confuses those who interact with her. For this purpose, Oz ends up translating most of her speech if they are confused.

What does oz Call Fischl?

Media:VO_Fischl Good Night. ogg Fischl: Sweet shall be thy sleep, spared of the Mares of the Night! For no Night-Mares would dare draw near to those who are blessed by the Immernachtreich! Oz: She means, “Goodnight.”