What is a Semap?


What is a Semap?

The section eight management assessment program (SEMAP) measures the performance of the public housing agencies (PHAs) that administer the housing choice voucher program in 14 key areas.

What is a Semap score?

SEMAP scores are the primary way HUD assesses the management of the Housing Choice Voucher Program. There are 14 indicators in SEMAP and one bonus indicator.

How do I submit a Semap?

On the SEMAP Submission page it will indicate that an appeal is ready to be submitted. Single click the Submit button to submit the appeal request to the field office. The page will refresh and state that the appeal has been submitted. Single click on the OK button to finish the process.

What is IMS pic?

IMS/PIC is responsible for maintaining and gathering data about all of PIH’s inventories of Housing Agencies (HAs), Developments, Buildings, Units, HA Officials, HUD Offices and Field Staff and IMS/PIC Users.

What is a 50059 form?

(Move-Outs, Terminations, Gross Rent Changes and Unit Transfers) Owner’s Certification of Compliance with HUD’s. Tenant Eligibility and Rent Procedures.

What does PIC stand for HUD?

PIH Information Center (PIC) (Access to Drug Elimination Reporting, Event Tracking, Form-50058, Housing Authority Profiles, Risk Assessment, and SEMAP.) Public Housing Authority (PHA) Plans.

What does SFS mean in real estate?


Acronym Definition
FMC Financial Management Center (Section 8; under PIH)
FMD Financial Management Division (Public Housing)
FMR Fair Market Rent (maximum rent for Section 8 rental assistance)
FMS Facilities Management Specialist

Can a newspaper use a photo without permission?

If the photograph is newsworthy, it can be published without the subject’s permission.

What does LLL mean in real estate?

What Do These Abbreviations Mean in Real Estate?

Abbreviation Definition
LR Living Room
LTV Loan to Value
MAR Marble
MBA Master Bedroom with Bathroom

When should you credit a picture?

The image owner will feel appreciated for their work. It’s a way to advertise their work and thus a possible source of new business. In some cases it clearly displays the terms of a license, for example with Creative Commons (CC) images, and informs other viewers of the possible terms of re-use.