What is a kooky person?


What is a kooky person?

Definition of kooky : having the characteristics of a kook : crazy, offbeat.

Is Kooky a real word?

adjective, kook·i·er, kook·i·est. Slang. of, like, or pertaining to a kook; eccentric, strange, or foolish.

What is the origin of the word kooky?

The word comes from kooky, “strange,” probably stemming from cuckoo, which is a type of bird but also slang for “mad or insane person.” Definitions of kook. someone regarded as eccentric or crazy and standing out from a group.

How do you spell Kookie?

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  1. kookie.
  2. the “kookie” family.

Is it kooky or Kookie?

kookie. / (ˈkuːkɪ) / adjective kookier or kookiest. informal crazy, eccentric, or foolish. Slang.

What is a synonym for kooky?

Definitions of kooky. adjective. informal or slang terms for mentally irregular. synonyms: around the bend, balmy, barmy, bats, batty, bonkers, buggy, cracked, crackers, daft, dotty, fruity, haywire, kookie, loco, loony, loopy, nuts, nutty, round the bend, wacky, whacky insane.

Which means almost the same as kooky?

adjective. Slang. Deviating from the customary: bizarre, cranky, curious, eccentric, erratic, freakish, idiosyncratic, odd, outlandish, peculiar, quaint, queer, quirky, singular, strange, unnatural, unusual, weird.

Is kook a swear word?

A kook is a disrespectful and often dangerous person who doesn’t know the rules of the waves. He or she is an ignorant, nerd, and careless surfer.

Why do they call Jungkook Kookie?

For the youngest performer in BTS, vocalist Jungkook earned nicknames for being kind-hearted, talented, and, of course, adorable. That includes “JK,” “Jungkookie,” and, one of his personal favorites shouted out during an interview with Entertainment Weekly, “Kookie.”

How do you say Kookie in Korean?

기묘한 {adj.} 어리석은 {adj.}

Is it okay to be a kook?

Most times, kooks are just the benign but clueless neophytes who get an eye roll from the locals for dressing or acting the wrong way. At their worst, though, kooks can ruin a good session, and even end up hurting themselves or other surfers. Fortunately, GQ has your back. We know that nobody wants to be a kook.

Who is Golden Maknae in K-pop?

Jungkook is fondly monikered as the ‘Golden Maknae’ of the group! Jungkook debuted with BTS at the tender age of 15 and has grown in front of the group. It will be safe to say that Jungkook is also BTS’ lucky charm! As Jungkook grew older, Bangtan gained more success.