What is a fluorinated grease?


What is a fluorinated grease?

Range of greases based on perfluorinated oils (PFPE). This chemistry was originally developed for space exploration, and today it is used when other lubricants, even synthetic, are not efficient enough under the service conditions.

What is Krytox grease used for?

Typical applications are automotive bearings, sealed pump bearings, electric motor bearings, and general-purpose bearings. The Krytox™ GPL 29X greases have extreme pressure and anti-corrosion additives and have been formulated for applications needing high load-carrying capacity and anti-corrosion protection.

What is fluorinated grease used for?

They are often used in the lubrication of bearings in high temperatures such as furnace bearings and mechanisms in contact with oxygen, alkalis, solvents, gas and flammable fuels. PFPE greases offer the ultimate in lubricant performance with extremely long life and they excel in the most aggressive working conditions.

Is fluorinated grease toxic?

Fluorinated lubricants are safe, non-toxic, and suitable in clean room conditions. This makes them the perfect lubricant in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Is fluorine hazardous?

* Fluorine can affect you when breathed in and by passing through your skin. * Contact can cause severe eye and skin irritation and burns leading to permanent eye damage. * Breathing Fluorine can irritate the nose and throat. * Breathing Fluorine can irritate the lungs causing coughing and/or shortness of breath.

Is fluorocarbon poisonous?

Most of the commercial fluorocarbons are not toxic (many are used as refrigerants), but the presence of a highly toxic compound, even at a modest level, could alter their toxicity.

Who makes krytox 205g0?

Krytox 205 grade 0 (also known as 205g0) lubricant sourced from Miller-Stephenson. Great choice for lubing switches and stabilizers. Most orders ship within 24-48 hours of ordering.

Why is fluorine highly toxic?

Fluorine gas is very irritating and very dangerous to the eyes, skin, and lungs. Fluorine gas at low concentrations makes your eyes and nose hurt. At higher concentrations, it becomes hard to breathe. Exposure to high concentrations of fluorine can cause death due to lung damage.

Is fluorine the same as fluorocarbon?

Fluorocarbons, sometimes referred to as perfluorocarbons or PFCs, are organofluorine compounds with the formula CxFy, i.e., they contain only carbon and fluorine. The terminology is not strictly followed and many fluorine-containing organic compounds are called fluorocarbons.

What is the main use of fluorocarbon?

Fluorocarbons are fluorinated carbon chain polymers that are used in an assortment of household and commercial products as waterproofing agents, lubricants, sealants, and leather conditioners.

Why use Krytox grease?

Krytox Grease provides exceptional performance, stability, and reliability in the toughest conditions – to maximize productivity and equipment life. Krytox Grease is undamaged by, and non-reactive with, acidic or caustic cleaners and disinfectants, steam, moisture or high temps.

What is the GPL code for Krytox grease?

See Krytox Greases GPL202 through GPL207 for applications that require higher temperature ranges and high viscosity needs. See Krytox Greases GPL215 and GPL217 for slow speeds or extreme pressure applications that require molybdenum disulfide additives.

What is Krytox oil made of?

Krytox oils and greases are based on perfluoropolyether (PFPE) oils. This series of synthetic fluorinated lubricants are used in extreme conditions, such as high temperatures up to 204 °C (400 °F), and will survive short-term peak temperatures of up to 220 °C (429°F).

What is fluorinated lubricant used for?

This series of synthetic fluorinated lubricants are used in extreme conditions, such as high temperatures up to 204 °C (400 °F), and will survive short-term peak temperatures of up to 220 °C (429°F). Chemically inert and safe for use around hazardous chemicals, these lubricants are nonflammable and also safe for use in oxygen service.