What is a double spindle lock?


What is a double spindle lock?

A Dual spindle has 2 spindles at different heights. This means that the levers / moving parts of the door handle will be at different levels on the inside and outside. A Split spindle is made of 2 parts that meet inside the gearbox. The levers / moving parts of the door handle will be at the same level.

What is a split follower lock?

A lock follower in two parts to enable each of the handles on the door face to have a different action. e.g. the inside handle may operate the shoot when the outside one is made inoperative.

What is a slam lock?

To put it simply, a slam lock is a unique locking system that will automatically lock a vehicle door immediately after it is shut.

What is a floating spindle?

A Floating Spindle is special output spindle that is usually attached to an Inline Assembly Tool/Nutrunner. When a force is applied to the Output Shaft, the Shaft is compressed into the Spindle Body from its fully extended position (C) to a compressed position (B) as shown in the drawing below.

Are all door spindles the same size?

The length of spindles can also vary. Those usually supplied with door handles are long enough to pass through a standard fire door and still have enough length to locate into the back of the door furniture. Situations can arise where it is necessary to use a longer spindle, for instance with an unusually thick door.

What is a door follower?

Quite simply, the term ‘Follower’ refers to the hole in a mortice latch or lock where the spindle* passes through the latch or lock body and the door. The follower is usually a reinforced circular disc, made from brass or steel. It has a square hole punched right through it, to accept a metal spindle.

Can you break through a Trellidor?

They require precise measuring and specification of the correct sliding gate design by an expert. Trellidor offers several different security gate designs, each with an increasing level of strengthening features to make them tough to break through.

What is a split follower?

What is a Sashlock?

Sash locks, also known as mortice sash locks, use a combined mechanism of a deadbolt, latch and handle mechanism. A sash lock is also one of the most common styles of lever lock used on interior and exterior doors, usually fitted within the material of the door.