What is a Blagger?


What is a Blagger?

/ˈblæɡ.ɚ/ someone who gets what they want in a clever way and by saying things that are not true: She knows how to spot a blagger. This professional party blagger has infiltrated hundreds of film industry parties.

What does bladder mouth mean?

: a person who talks too much especially : tattletale.

What is the meaning of co ax?

Definition of coax (Entry 1 of 2) transitive verb. 1 : to influence or gently urge by caressing or flattering : wheedle coaxed him into going. 2 : to draw, gain, or persuade by means of gentle urging or flattery unable to coax an answer out of him coaxing consumers to buy new cars.

How do you use blabbermouth in a sentence?

Silence that blabbermouth; he does not know what he is talking about. And it is just as wrong to let a blabbermouth work his way into security channels, even though the hour is such that he can do no immediate harm.

What does Blagged mean in slang?

a robbery
/ (blæɡ) slang / noun. a robbery, esp with violence. verb blags, blagging or blagged (tr) to obtain by wheedling or cadgingshe blagged free tickets from her mate.

What is a motormouth?

Definition of motormouth : a person who talks excessively. Other Words from motormouth Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More About motormouth.

What is coaxing voice?

pleasingly persuasive or intended to persuade. “a coaxing and obsequious voice” synonyms: ingratiatory persuasive.

What is an antonym for coaxed?

Opposite of to convince, or cause to believe, through reason or argument. deter. discourage. dissuade. disenchant.

What is a synonym for blabbermouth?

OTHER WORDS FOR blabbermouth gossip, gossipmonger, busybody, talebearer, bigmouth, tattler. See synonyms for blabbermouth on Thesaurus.com.

Where did the term blabbermouth come from?

Entries linking to blabbermouth mid-14c., “to speak as an infant speaks,” frequentative of blabben, of echoic origin (compare Old Norse blabbra, Danish blabbre “babble,” German plappern “to babble”). Meaning “to talk excessively” is from late 14c. Related: See more.

Is Prat a rude word?

According to Oxford Dictionaries, we started using “prat” to mean idiot in 1960, but before that, it was a 16th century word for buttocks. So when you call someone a prat, you’re also calling them an arse. This is another delightful description of someone who’s painfully stupid.

How do you spell Blagger?


  1. blaggernoun. A smooth talker, a persuasive person.
  2. blaggernoun. A thief or robber, one who blags.

What is a blackard?

1 obsolete : the kitchen servants of a household. 2a : a rude or unscrupulous person. b : a person who uses foul or abusive language. blackguard.

How do you deal with motormouths?

The more sounds they hear the more they will talk. When you do speak to the motormouth, speak slowly. Since most nonstop talkers speak at a rapid rate, your slower rate of speaking will create a contrast for the motormouth and will hopefully get them to become more self-aware of how much they are talking.

What is the synonym of coaxing?

Frequently Asked Questions About coax Some common synonyms of coax are blandish, cajole, soft-soap, and wheedle. While all these words mean “to influence or persuade by pleasing words or actions,” coax implies gentle and persistent words or actions employed to produce a desired effect. coaxed the cat out of the tree.

How do you coax a woman?

Below is a list of ways to make a woman smile.

  1. Say, “I love you” and really mean it.
  2. Remember those occasions, which are important to her and give her a surprise.
  3. 3.Be nice to her friends.
  4. Take her on a dinner date in an outdoor restaurant on a starry night.
  5. Take her for a moonlight walk at the beach.