What ingredients are in epoxy?


What ingredients are in epoxy?

Epoxy resins usually comprise four ingredients: the monomeric resin, a hardener, an accelerator and a plasticizer. Manufacturers generally provide a standard formulation, however the hardness and flexibility of the polymerized block can be manipulated by varying the amount of the individual components.

What is the mix ratio for West System epoxy?

Depending on the hardener you select, WEST SYSTEM Epoxy is mixed at a ratio of five parts resin to one part hardener, or three parts resin to one part hardener. At the proper mix ratio, the number of chemically reactive sites in the resin balances the number of reactive sites in the hardener.

How long does West System 105 take to cure?

6 to 8 Hours
#205-B Fast Hardener

Best Use Fast Hardener for 105 Epoxy Resin
Capacity 0.86 Quart
Cure Time 6 to 8 Hours (Working Time 60-70 Minutes) at 72 F
Type Hardener

What is West System epoxy used for?

An exceptionally strong and cost effective five- minute epoxy. Based on 105 Epoxy Resin, WEST SYSTEM Epoxy is a versatile low-viscosity epoxy system. It is used for boat building, composite construction and repairs that require high-strength, waterproof coating, bonding, and filling.

What is epoxy chemical formula?

Epoxy resin | C21H25ClO5 – PubChem.

Will epoxy cure with less hardener?

Too much or too little hardener will affect the cure time and thoroughness of the cure.

Is West System 105 epoxy resin food safe?

West System 105 Epoxy is not recommended for use in items that come in contact with food, as it may leach out over time, even after curing.

What type of resin is WEST SYSTEM?

105 Epoxy Resin
105 Epoxy Resin is the base material on which all WEST SYSTEM 105 System epoxy compounds are built. It is a clear, pale yellow, low-viscosity liquid epoxy resin. Blended with hardener at the proper ratio, it cures to a hard, solid plastic with superior physical properties.

What can you add to epoxy to make it stronger?

Adding wood flour is a great way to thicken epoxy, allowing it to form a bead when joining two surfaces. Microbeads are great to add if you’re looking to create a sandable filler.

What can you add to epoxy resin to make it stronger?

Some, such as Fillite and glass bubbles, will reduce the weight of castings considerably and also make the resin more carvable. Others such as glass fibre and marble dust will make the resin stronger.

What is 2 part epoxy made of?

The majority of industrial grade epoxies are two part systems, which are formed through the polymerization of two starting compounds: a resin and a curing agent. The curing process takes place when the reactive constituents of the resin and curing agent combine.