What happens in Act 5 in The Merchant of Venice?


What happens in Act 5 in The Merchant of Venice?

Portia vows to be equally unfaithful, threatening to offer the same worthy man anything she owns, including her body or her husband’s bed. Antonio intercedes on behalf of Bassanio and Gratiano, asking the women to accept his soul should either Bassanio or Gratiano prove unfaithful again.

Where does act 5 take place Merchant of Venice?

The scene opens in Belmont with Lorenzo and Jessica, out beneath the moonlight, comparing themselves to the different classical lovers like Troilus and Cressida, Dido and Aeneas and so on.

How many scenes are there in Act 5 Merchant of Venice?

Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice broken down into eight key scenes.

How does Portia Find out in Act 5 that Bassanio gives his ring away?

How does Portia “find out” in Act V that Bassanio gave his ring away? A) She sees his empty ring finger.

What happens at the end of Act 5 Scene 1 Midsummer night’s Dream?

Oberon and Titania enter and bless the palace and its occupants with a fairy song, so that the lovers will always be true to one another, their children will be beautiful, and no harm will ever visit Theseus and Hippolyta. Oberon and Titania take their leave, and Puck makes a final address to the audience.

Where are Jessica and Lorenzo at this moment Act 5?

Lorenzo and Jessica are still at Belmont gazing at the night sky.

What is the reason of Antonio’s happiness at the end of the play?

Log in here. Antonio’s sad predicament ends happily for him when Portia, Bassanio’s betrothed, appears in disguise and provides the perfect defense for Antonio, saying that Shylock can have the pound–no more, no less–of flesh but not one drop of blood.

What is Lorenzo’s claim to the deed?

Who is Lorenzo and why will he be happy to see the deed? Answer: Lorenzo is Jessica’s husband, a Christian and Jessica, being Shylock’s daughter is a Jew. Being the owner of such a large property, which is least expected, would definitely make him happy.

What is Act 5 about in Midsummer night’s dream?

This act takes place in the palace of Theseus. The three couples are married and are celebrating by feasting and being entertained. Philostrate brings in a piece of paper with a list of possible performances that they could watch. Theseus reads the list to the couples to choose which one sounds the most interesting.

Who is the speaker blame and for what?

Who is the speaker blaming and for what? Answer: The speaker of the above lines is Portia. She is blaming Gratiano, Nerissa’s husband, for parting with the ring that his wife had given him.

What does Portia commit into Lorenzo’s hands?

Hear other things. Lorenzo, I commit into your hands 25 The husbandry and manage of my house Until my lord’s return. For mine own part, I have toward heaven breathed a secret vow To live in prayer and contemplation, 30 Only attended by Nerissa here Until her husband and my lord’s return.