What happened to Billy and Victoria on young and restless?


What happened to Billy and Victoria on young and restless?

Victoria and Billy eventually find out that Victor hired Chelsea and brought her to Genoa City to break up their marriage. Chelsea gives birth to a healthy baby boy named Johnny and gives up her parental rights so that Victoria and Billy can raise him.

Who is Victoria Newman’s fiance?

Billy Abbott
The Young and the Restless

Parents Victor and Nikki Newman
Siblings Dylan McAvoy Nicholas Newman Adam Newman Abby Newman
Spouses Ryan McNeil (1992-1993) Cole Howard (1994, 1994-1998) Brad Carlton † (2006-2007) JT Hellstrom (2008-2010) Billy Abbott (2010-2011, 2011—2014) Ashland Locke (2021-

Is Harrison really Kyle’s son on Y&R?

Kyle moved Tara and Harrison into the Abbott mansion and filled in his family as he had a DNA test run. Once Kyle was confirmed as Harrison’s dad, he and Tara gently explained to the boy that he now had a second father. Little Harrison then became a pawn in Tara and Ashland’s divorce and related schemes.

Does Victoria Newman get married?

Victoria then falls in love with Cole Howard (J. Eddie Peck) and they marry the following year, but their marriage is quickly annulled when it is believed by their parents that they are half-siblings, as Victor is believed to be Cole’s father.

Who is Harrison’s biological father?

Kyle knows that Harrison looks just like him. Also, Kyle knows that Tara didn’t sleep with Ashland during the time Kyle and Tara were together by the time she became pregnant. Tara admitted that she had a DNA test done on Harrison and Kyle is Harrison’s biological father.

Is Kyle Abbott the father?

Jack AbbottKyle Abbott / Father

Is Victoria Newman married in real life?

Amelia is a lead in the daytime drama, playing the role of Victoria Newman. She’s won two Emmy awards for her portrayal of Victoria, a role she began in 2005. Amelia and Thad played a couple on the show, but married in real life in 2007. They have two children together — Thaddeus, 10, and Georgia, 8.

Does Victoria Newman marry Ashland Locke?

He was the husband of Tara Locke and believed he was the father of her son Harrison. He is currently portrayed by Robert Newman since 2022….The Young and the Restless.

Spouses Tara Locke (divorced 2021) Victoria Newman (2021- )
Children Harrison Locke (step) Reed Hellstrom(step) Johnny Abbott(step) Katie Newman(step)