What grape is used for Nebbiolo?


What grape is used for Nebbiolo?

Nebbiolo (/ˌnɛbiˈoʊloʊ/, Italian: [nebˈbjɔːlo]; Piedmontese: nebieul [neˈbjøl]) is an Italian red wine grape variety predominantly associated with its native Piedmont region, where it makes the Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita (DOCG) wines of Barolo, Barbaresco, Roero, Gattinara, Carema and Ghemme.

Is Nebbiolo a wine or a grape?

Nebbiolo (“Nebby-oh-low”) is a full-bodied red wine more famously known by the two production regions of Barolo and Barbaresco in Piedmont, Italy. Nebbiolo wines are translucent (like Pinot!) and have a delicate smell, but when you taste them you are greeted with robust tannin and high acidity.

Is Nebbiolo similar to sangiovese?

Sangiovese has red fruit aromas, often with a bitter cherry or cranberry note; Nebbiolo a highly distinctive nose of dried fruits (think figs or prunes) allied with floral notes (roses or violets for many people) and quickly acquires secondary aromas of leather and tar.

Is Nebbiolo the same as Sangiovese?

Are Pinot Noir and Nebbiolo similar?

Both Nebbiolo and Pinot Noir are noted for their exquisite aromas, but here the similarities end. The two wines have completely different aromas and flavors. Nebbiolo typically has lots of tannin and acidity; Pinot Noir usually contains much lighter tannins and lower acidity.

Is Dolcetto a Nebbiolo?

Barbera – Dolcetto – Nebbiolo Wine Barbera – Dolcetto – Nebbiolo blends together the three most important red wine grape varieties of the Piedmont region in the northwest of Italy: Barbera (the region’s workhorse), Dolcetto (the “poor cousin”) and Nebbiolo (arguably Italy’s noblest wine grape).

What is m n Nebbiolo wine?

Grape Varieties M-N Nebbiolo. Nebbiolo is the grape variety behind the top-quality red wines of Piedmont, northwestern Italy, the most notable of which are Barolo and Barbaresco. Nebbiolo wines are distinguished by their strong tannins, high acidity and distinctive scent – often described as “tar and roses”.

What are the characteristics of Nebbiolo grapes?

The Nebbiolo characteristics are easily discerned because they have a unique scent, very strong tannins, and high acidity. Another characteristic is the inclination for its color to fade over time. Pernickety Grapes From Piedmont!

Where do you plant Nebbiolo grapes?

Nebbiolo is thick-skinned, early-budding and late-ripening; it needs long periods of sunshine to ripen fully and is often planted on south- or southwest-facing hillsides for maximum exposure. The best examples come from calcareous marl vineyards, with some planted in sandy soils.

How long does Nebbiolo wine age?

This “structure” means well-made Nebbiolo wines can age for decades (sometimes being almost unnapproachable in youth).